Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

  Thanksgiving is the one holiday when we should all slow down, take time to count our blessings and take a breath before the Christmas season.  Unfortunately, it has just become a speed bump to the hurry and scurry of holiday shopping, parties, and dinners.

   Thanksgiving was originally started to thank Almighty God for the past year and for all his blessings and his caring for us.  Now people sit outside big box stores waiting to grab one of maybe four big screen televisions they have in stock and for sale.

   I have decided that at this house we will not shop on Thanksgiving.   If we don't get the biggest or best thing going this holiday season it really doesn't matter.  At this house we will take a few moments to remember who has provided all that we have, who has died for us, who is Lord of all.  At this house God is remembered and we thank him for the loved ones who surround us and those not so near, but still in our hearts.  We are so thankful for everything we have.  God bless everyone who reads this and may all your Thanksgivings be ones of thankfulness and blessings.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meet my dogs and other things

       When I started my blog I called it "I Love My Dogs," mainly because I had brain freeze and couldn't think of anything else.  I soon changed the name, but I still love my dogs and today I am going to introduce you to them..  The woebegone faced pup in the above picture is Bonnie.  Her full registered name is Miss Bonnie Blue named for Rhett Butlet's and Scarlette O'Hara's daughter in the greatest movie ever made, "Gone With the Wind."  Most of my pets have had names from the movie.   Bonnie joined our family over seven years ago and is a real spaz dog at times.  I have heard that black labs are a little more hyper than the yellow or brown labs and I believe it.  She can get so excited about the littlest things and tries so hard to talk to us.  Honestly, sometimes her whines sound like words to me.  She is a real sweet dog and I love her to bits.  She is a true friend and a wonderful addition to our family.

       This is Belle our chocolate lab.  Her registered name is Bellelattedah and she is a real sweety.  She is named after Belle Watling from  "Gone With the Wind," a woman of ill repute.  Belle is a real lady, she's been fixed, you know.  No messing around with her!   She is easy going and loves to take walks.  We walk for miles some days and she never gets tired.  She is three years old now and quite the grown up lady.  No chewing everything in sight any longer.  Well, maybe once in a while.  You can see she loves to pose as she knows she is the cutest pup around. 

  See these well-behaved pups.  They are sitting smack dab in the middle of one of my flower beds. Oh well, I always say the backyard is the dogs' yard and I don't get too verklempt about them digging something up or sitting on a flower. They are actually pretty good about not destroying plants.  Maybe one in a while Belle would pick a tomato out of the garden, but, hey, she likes her vegetables too.  I know, I know, tomatoes are fruits, but I still think of them as vegetables.

   Now on to other things.  We have been redecorating our bedroom for what seems like months now.  David and I don't like to hire anything done we can do ourselves so things take a little longer to get done around here than usual.  We painted the room a greyish-blue that seems to change with the light and I love it.  David is putting in all the woodwork that I painted when the weather was warmer.  He discovered today he had not gotten enough for around the closets so he had to go to Lowes and buy some more and he gave it the first coat of paint today.  The woodwork is a cream color.  If you have ever been in our house you know all the woodwork downstairs in a dark oak.  I wanted things to be lighter upstairs and thus we have put in cream colored woodwork in all the bedrooms.  We installed, or rather David installed, new light filtering shade in a brown color. 

    This is the first and the last time you will see inside my closets.   Linens and clothes are actually folded and stacked neatly right now, but that will not last long so I wanted to take a picture of a miracle.   The closet doors are getting a new finish and will be back up when I get them done.  Maybe I will have to keep things neat for a while!

      This is my closet with clothes arranged in order right now.  Skirts together, blouses together, and I even have it somewhat color co-ordinated.  About a week from now this will not look nearly as neat so you won't be seeing this closet anymore either.  I don't know when was the last time I cleaned out my closets, but I do know why I don't do it more often.  It's work!


      The bedroom is so neat, I had to take some pictures of it.   I wish we had done this a long time ago.  We have been talking abour redecorating the bedroom for years.  That's how we do things.  We mention it, think about it for a few years, then do it ourselves.  The only thing we didn't do was lay the new carpet.  It is a soft plush medium brown that is wonderful to walk on.  I told David no eating up here and so, guess what?  I ate crackers in bed last night.  The last carpet we had I dumped a whole plate of spaghetti with sauce on it.  Don't ask me why I had spaghetti in our bedroom bacause I don't remember.  Maybe I wanted to eat alone.  Maybe David wouldn't take me to Fazolis so I made my own pasta.  Maybe I had just watched "Lady and the Tramp."  I don't know.  Anyway, the end of this project can be seen.  By Thanksgiving everything should be done and then David and I will talk all winter about what we will redecorate in a few years.