Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Walk With Belle and Meet White Tail

  There is nothing I like better than to leash up my lab, Belle and go for a walk.  She gets so excited when she sees me pick up the leash.  I use to walk Bonnie alot, but last summer we  took her to the woods where my daughter's family lives and Bonnie now thinks any time the leash comes out for her she is supposed to get into the car and go.  She simply refuses to leave the yard on the leash.  Yeah, Bonnie, I'm talking about you.

  These are pictures of the very last time I tried to take Bonnie for a walk.  She followed me as far as the cars, sat down and refused to budge.  No amount of coaxing would get her to go for a walk or go back into the yard.

     Then David tried to get her to move.  Nope, no moving an eighty-eight pound dog that refuses to budge.  "I am going to get into the car and we are going to drive to Brown County and I am going to play with my dog cousins," Bonnie seems to be saying.

  There was nothing for David to do but put Bonnie in his truck. " I won," Bonnie seems to be saying.  Doesn't she look happy?   David took her a ride around the block.  I know, our dogs are so spoiled, but what's a person to do?   After the ride, she got out and went calmly back into the yard.  Crazy girl.  We will have to take her to Brown County soon to visit her dog cousins.

  But back to Belle, who never gives us a bit of trouble, ahem.  She does love to go on walks with me.  We probably walked a few hundred miles this past summer.  "Okay, Mom, lets' quit the chatter and get going." 

  This is Belle doing her impersonation of a pointer. 

  This is Belle rolling around on a dead animal, or is it poo?  Ewww.  Dogs do this. I don't know why, but I don't want to have any part of it.  She seems to be having a great time. 

  Sometimes I let Belle off her leash when we are walking where it's safe.  This is all I see of her when I let her go.   Come back Belle.  Sorry for the view.

  Belle contemplating the next squirrel she is going to chase.  She loves chasing squirrels  There are alot around where we walk so she gets to chase alot of them.

   We walk and walk and she never tires of pulling on the leash. 

  We walk until we are mere shadows of ourselves.  Ha.

  Speaking of squirrels.........
    I had been seeing a white tailed squirrel for several days eating under the bird feeder.  Every time I ran and got the camera it would go behind a tree or behind the truck and I couldn't get a picture of it.  It had the biggest, bushiest white tail.  No one believed I was seeing him/her.

  Here he/she is, White Tail.   Isn't it's tail pretty?   I set up a feeding station he/she couldn't resist this morning with birdseed, suet and corn.  He/she could not stay away. I also moved the car so he/she could not hide behind it. 

  From now on I will refer to White Tail as a girl.  She is much too pretty to be a boy. Her tail is really white and she loves to flaunt it.  Look at her cute posing.  Just hope she avoids running onto the street.  I'm starting to get attached to her. 

  Here's to stubborn dogs, long walks and bushy-tailed squirrels.  Bye.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks

  I decided today to try to think of as many things that I am thankful for that I can and list them here.  I'm sure I will leave out many things, but here is my list.

 I am thankful for:

 1. A loving God who died for me that I might be saved.

  2.  Parents who raised me right by taking me to church, teaching me manners, and teaching me to respect people.

  3. Growing up on an Indiana farm with all kinds of animals to play with and the freedom to roam that farm and be a kid.

  4. Parents, who though they were not wealthy, never made us feel as though we were poor.  We always had good nutricious meals on the table, clean clothes, soft beds to lay our heads and the assurance that our parents loved us. 

   5. Brothers and a sister who I loved growing up with.  I was teased unmercifully and being one of the youngest, felt left out at times. but we still had alot of fun.

   6. Having an older sister who helped take care of me and who I am still close to.

   7. The Mickey Mouse Club.  I know that seems silly, but it was a kid friendly show that gave good moral lessons.  Nowadays, you have to be careful everything your child watches, even Disney.  I watched it every day after school and right before supper.

  8.  Calling the last meal of the day supper.  Dinner sounds too hoity-toity to me. Thankful I grew up when supper was supper.

   9. My husband, David, who has stayed by my side through thick and thin for forty-four years and we still love each other. I know I put the Mickey Mouse Club before him, but this list is not in order of importance!

     10.  Love.  It's easy to give, sometimes not easy to get but when you have it, you are blessed. 

     11.  The love of Jesus Christ.  You have that love all the time. He's always by your side.

   12.  My three children, Jason, Adam and Sara.  Despite some problems through the years, my love for them has never wavered.  I would give my life for them any day.  I loved their growing up years. Well, maybe a couple of teen years weren't so good, but over all I loved having them around and miss them being here.

     13.  My five birth grandchildren, Abby, Aidan, Adler, Tristan and Foster and my adopted grandson, Andrew.  I love these kids so much.  If you are a grandparent you know what I mean. I would give my life for any of them also.  They have brought so much joy to my life They are all growing up into wonderful people and I know they will be great adults.

  14. Getting up in the morning and stretching and breathing and knowing you are still alive and have a whole day to make something of yourself.  I want to be a blessing to someone every day. Sometimes I fail miserably, but I am trying.

   15.  A church family that I love.  Knowing we are all working toward the same goal and we all love Jesus.  Been going to our church for 29 years and we gain new friends in Christ every Sunday almost.  We have people in our church from all over the world and they are all precious.  I love the oldsters(my age group) and all the newsters(the younguns')  Age doesn't matter when you all love Christ.

   16. Health.  I have had it and I have not had it and having it is so much better.  I thank God every day that I can get up and get going and everything in my body is working as it should.  Some pains, yes, but nothing to complain about.

 17. Grocery stores.   You can go and get just about anything from all over the country and the world to eat.  Just going up and down the aisles should make us all amazed at how easy it is for us to get our food.  People use to have to hunt for their food.  In some parts of the world they still do.  I am thankful I don't have to.

 18. The great outdoors.  This includes the trees and flowers.  The animals in the forests and all of beautiful nature.  Just look at a tree really close some day and think about what goes into a tree becoming a tree and how it knows when to shed its leaves and when to start growing them again.  I am amazed at all nature and I don't think man has seen everything that grows and lives on this planet.

  19. Funny people.  Wouldn't the world be a somber place if there weren't funny people?  I don't mean the vulgar, mean spirited comedians that are on some tv shows, but people who can make you laugh with a witty word or a look.  People who can tickle your funny bone at the strangest times.  I have a grandson that can make me laugh without even trying. 

  20. Laughter.  A good belly laugh can make you feel so good. It seem to relax every muscle and nerve in your body.  It doesn't often happen, but when it does, you just feel wonderful afterward. 

  21. Water.  I love water.  Besides it being a cheap, good way to quench your thirst, it also comes in lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans.  I love being near the ocean.  There is something so mesmerizing sitting on a beach and watching the waves go in and out.  There is a blog that has a video of that very thing right now, Susan Branch.  I think after I write this I will just go there and watch the waves.

  22.  Home.  The word means warmth, happiness and safety to me.  To be home.  To go home.  To even have a home is a huge blessing.  When you move into a new home it takes about a year before when you drive into the driveway you think, "home."  It does happen though.  I remember when we moved into this house where we have lived for 35 years.  I did not want to move.  Every day I would think, "this isn't my home."  Then one day when I had been away from the house, we drove in and I thought, "We're home,"  and I knew I really was.  Home can be a house, an apartment, a camper, a tent, or wherever you live most of your life.

  23. My labs, Belle and Bonnie.  They are my company every day and they never expect anything from me but some food and water and a few pets during the day.  I think dogs are the closest thing to what we humans would be like if we truly acted Christlike.  My dogs love me unconditionally.  If I say something unkind to them, they forgive me immediately.  Dogs are so forgiving.  Even dogs that have been treated inhumanely will lick their owners.  Dogs should never be treated badly, but sometimes they are.  If you want a constant companion that will never let you down, get a dog.

  24. Fabric.  I love fabric. I love to make things with fabric.  I am thankful that centuries ago someone figured out how to take a plant or wool or fur off an animal and make fabric out of it.  I would never have thought of that in a million years, so I am thankful there was someone smart enough to figure out how to do it.

25. Being free.  I don't think we are as free as we use to be, but we still are more free than many people all over the world.  We need to guard this freedom better than we are doing.  We give too much of our freedom away to be comfortable.  I'd rather be uncomfortable and free.  Still, I love this country and I will defend it with all my might. 

  26. Teachers who taught me how to read and write.  I have gotten more joy out of reading and writing than just about anything else I do.  Well, except for sewing.  I hear they are giving up teaching cursive in some schools and I wonder how these children will be able to sign important papers or put their signatures on things when they grow up.  I think they are really doing these children a disservice.  What if all the electronic things broke down? They wouldn't know how to write a letter even.   Anyway, thank you all my teachers who instilled in me the love of reading and taught me how to write well.

  27.  Sunday school teachers.  They are the least appreciated people on the planet.  They all are volunteers and want to instill in children the love of God.  Sunday after Sunday they come to church and teach little children things that will make a big difference in these children's lives.  They are arming them with the armor they will need to protect them from things the world will throw at them. My Sunday school teachers were wonderful role models and because of them I am a Christian today and so happy that I am.

  28. Chocolate.  This may be a girl thing, but I really love chocolate.  Again I am thankful for the person or persons who discovered how to take a bean and make it into delicious candies.  I could eat chocolate every day and I pretty nearly do!

   29. My bed.  I love getting into my cozy, warm bed after a busy, tiring day.  We have a mattress pad that heats up so I never have to get into a cold bed.  I feel safe and warm and it's the place I do alot of talking to God.  He and I talk about the day and the problems and tragedies and joys that have happened that day.  I ask Him to put His arms around me and I go to sleep knowing I am protected. I have had Satan and his demons actually attack me physically once when I was in bed, but God told me I was protected. One time I actually heard God's voice.

  30.  Rest after a tiring day.  There is nothing so wonderful than to get to rest after a very tiring day.  Some days I literally fall into bed.  Some people don't ever get to rest whether it's because they have things on their mind that won't let them or people who will never let them rest.  I am therefore very thankful that I can rest every day without interruption.

   31.  Having hair.  I know that sounds silly, but I have known women who have very thin hair or are losing their hair or have lost their hair because of sickness.  Hair means alot to we women, maybe too much, but it does.  I am thankful that for today I have a good head of hair.  Many men would like that too.

   32. Friends.  They really aren't the last thing on my list, but sometimes we do take our friends for granted.  I have old friends and new friends and they are equally precious to me.  I have shared some things with friends that my husband doesn't know.  I have friends who I know I can share things and it will never go farther than them.  You know who you are friends and I thank God for all of you.

  32. The Bible.  I love reading it.  I love the history in it, the love stories in it, the battles in it, but mostly I love the love story God has woven into each page for all who will read, understand and accept.  From the first sentence to the last it tells the story of a love so great most of mankind cannot accept it because it is so unbelievably simple, yet marvelous. Read it.  Learn just how much God loves you. He sent His only son to die for you so that you can enter heaven blameless.
  33.  Jesus Christ.  God's son who died for every single human that has lived, is living or will live on this wonderful planet called earth.  Why did he have to die?  Because we are all sinful creatures and sin cannot enter heaven  Jesus took every sin that ever was or will be on Himself and all He asks in return is to accept that gift he gave and follow Him.  I can't understand people who thumb their noses at a gift so great and marvelous, but that is the human condition to want to remain in sin.  I can't wait to see Jesus in heaven and thank him face to face for what He has done for me.
  34,  My pastor who is not afraid to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ or tell us what the Bible says is a sin. The world accepts things that God does not and we should be very careful not to offend God.

   35.  Our military.  So many young men and women who have stood up to the task of defending our country.  Pray for them every day.  While we sit and eat ourselves stuffed Thanksgiving day, there will be many military who are separated from their families and are not in the best of conditions and many are in danger every day. So thankful to all of you and God bless you.

  Okay, I have a million more things I am thankful for, but that will have to wait for a few thousand more posts.  Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember where your blessing come from.  God Bless you all. Bye.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Last Week and David's New Toy


   Two pirates swishing their swords so quickly you can't even see them!

  Pumpkin gingersnap custard.  I ate this at Cracker Barrel and tried replicating it in my kitchen.  So yummy.
  Oh, oh, someone is trying to lick my angel food cake!

  Table set for my Bible study brunch.

  Beautiful flowers brought by a friend to the brunch.  She arranged them herself.

  Secret project. 
  Looking back at the last week, I breathe a sigh of relief that it is over although it was fun and busy.  The week included two pirates, making pumpkin gingersnap custard, election day, an election day party, a brunch for my Beth Moore Bible study ladies, baking my very first ever angel food cake from scratch( took eight eggs)  raking leaves to the road for the city to sweep,  having two of my grandboys for a whole day, going to two grandparents' days at my other grandchildren's school, beginning to work on my Christmas projects, giving two disgruntled dogs the attention they crave, planting hundreds of daffodils, thinking about this blog and wishing I had time to write every day as I have so many stories to tell, besides doing all the laundry, cleaning house, and cooking needed to keep us fed.  Whew!  Oh, and we got the house painting completed and the pool closed.

   Now that the holiday season has arrived, it will get busier.  I love it all.  One day I will look back at these days and remember how joyful and busy they were. I don't take a single day for granted.  I try not to complain when things get too hectic because I think I would be bored if I weren't busy.

   Yesterday David was telling me he was talking to our painting contractor about those compression nail guns.  Is that what they are called?  Anyway, David wanted one to work on my big, fat, secret project.  So we went to Lowes and he got one.  It's his new favorite toy and I think I am going to like it too.  Things that have been broken around here are suddenly being repaired.

  Like this little birdhouse one of my grandsons help paint.   It had fallen completely apart and had been sitting around in my shop for a couple of years waiting to be repaired.

  Or a couple of these rustic flags that were losing their slats.  Now they are nailed firmly in place.
  I'm going to love this nail gun.  Nothing will be in disrepair around this house any longer.  I can just imagine all the things David can make.  Last night he told me that our front porch was settling and pulling away from our old house.  He said we would have to replace the front porch in a couple of years.  I know he is just thinking of  a big project on which he can use his nail gun.  I have already designed the new front porch so it will happen.  We don't waste any time when we get something in our heads. 

  This is David's shiny new compressor.  Isn't it pretty?

   And this is David's new nail gun.  Isn't he, er, it pretty?   Oh the things he can do and the things he can build and the places he'll go.  A man and his nail gun is indispensible.

  Here's to busy, happy days and a happy nail gunner. Bye.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


  I remember the first time I got to vote for president.  I voted for Jimmy Carter and we all know how that turned out.  I have always looked at election day with excitement.  It's the one thing we all can do to make an impact on our country

   I am hoping for a big impact today.  I am so excited about voting.  David and I will go this afternoon and cast our votes and then come home and have a party with some friends with lots of food and fun. 

  I don't understand people who stay home and don't cast their vote.  Don't they realize what they are giving up?  There are people who have died all over the world for the right to cast a vote so I take it very seriously.  Maybe the election won't go the way I want today, but I still love this country and will just look forward to the next election. 

  So, I guess what I am saying is, vote.  Vote like your life depended on it.  Vote for love of country.  Vote because there are people in the world who can't.  Vote because you are blessed to live in the United States.  Vote.