Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Last Week and David's New Toy


   Two pirates swishing their swords so quickly you can't even see them!

  Pumpkin gingersnap custard.  I ate this at Cracker Barrel and tried replicating it in my kitchen.  So yummy.
  Oh, oh, someone is trying to lick my angel food cake!

  Table set for my Bible study brunch.

  Beautiful flowers brought by a friend to the brunch.  She arranged them herself.

  Secret project. 
  Looking back at the last week, I breathe a sigh of relief that it is over although it was fun and busy.  The week included two pirates, making pumpkin gingersnap custard, election day, an election day party, a brunch for my Beth Moore Bible study ladies, baking my very first ever angel food cake from scratch( took eight eggs)  raking leaves to the road for the city to sweep,  having two of my grandboys for a whole day, going to two grandparents' days at my other grandchildren's school, beginning to work on my Christmas projects, giving two disgruntled dogs the attention they crave, planting hundreds of daffodils, thinking about this blog and wishing I had time to write every day as I have so many stories to tell, besides doing all the laundry, cleaning house, and cooking needed to keep us fed.  Whew!  Oh, and we got the house painting completed and the pool closed.

   Now that the holiday season has arrived, it will get busier.  I love it all.  One day I will look back at these days and remember how joyful and busy they were. I don't take a single day for granted.  I try not to complain when things get too hectic because I think I would be bored if I weren't busy.

   Yesterday David was telling me he was talking to our painting contractor about those compression nail guns.  Is that what they are called?  Anyway, David wanted one to work on my big, fat, secret project.  So we went to Lowes and he got one.  It's his new favorite toy and I think I am going to like it too.  Things that have been broken around here are suddenly being repaired.

  Like this little birdhouse one of my grandsons help paint.   It had fallen completely apart and had been sitting around in my shop for a couple of years waiting to be repaired.

  Or a couple of these rustic flags that were losing their slats.  Now they are nailed firmly in place.
  I'm going to love this nail gun.  Nothing will be in disrepair around this house any longer.  I can just imagine all the things David can make.  Last night he told me that our front porch was settling and pulling away from our old house.  He said we would have to replace the front porch in a couple of years.  I know he is just thinking of  a big project on which he can use his nail gun.  I have already designed the new front porch so it will happen.  We don't waste any time when we get something in our heads. 

  This is David's shiny new compressor.  Isn't it pretty?

   And this is David's new nail gun.  Isn't he, er, it pretty?   Oh the things he can do and the things he can build and the places he'll go.  A man and his nail gun is indispensible.

  Here's to busy, happy days and a happy nail gunner. Bye.

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