Saturday, January 26, 2013


 My son bought me a new site for my blog and I have been working on it.  It is a work in progress as I am designing it myself and there will be changes as I go along.  If you want to continue to read my blogs you will have to go to this new site.  It is:  It will be easier to comment and I can have as many pictures as I want without losing them as I have done on this blog. 

  If you go to my new blog you will read that I will be revealing my big, fat project on Monday.  I can't wait and hope you will like the almost finished project.  I say almost finished because it won't be completely done until this Spring, but I will explain what I mean later.   Have a perfectly wonderful day and I will see you on my new blog on Monday.  Bye.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Million Dollars

  Sometimes I sit around and think about what I would do if I were a millionaire.  First of all, that isn't going to happen because I don't play the lottery and as far as I know, I don't have any rich relatives. 

  I live very comfortably and have no complaints, but I wonder if a million dollars would make me happier.  I don't think so.  I have watched this show How Winning the Lottery Changed My Life and I am consistently amazed how unhappy so many of the people are. From family troubles to spending all the money and going even deeper into debt to losing everything.  Money never makes people happy.  Look at all the people in Hollywood who have so much money they don't know what to do with it.  They don't have long lasting relationships, their children are very often messed up and they are always looking for happiness somewhere else. 

  I saw one man on the millionaire show who had been on food stamps(although he happened to have the twenty dollars to buy a lottery ticket.)  He won two million which became under one million dollars after the government took its share.  Soon his worthless son was living with him spending his money like water.  Taking classes on how to eat at high end restaurants because, the son said, they would be eating at them every day.  The son rented a motel room for eighty dollars a night to keep his "collections."  His collections being sports jerseys, sports shoes and sabers.  I wondered just how long this man's money would last at the rate his son was spending it.  I wish they would do follow up stories on people like this to see if they are destitute and on food stamps again. 

  I'd like to think I would be smarter about having a lot of money.  Sure, I would want to help my children and grandchildren, but it would be me making the decisions, not them about how I would spend on them.

  I know if I had a million dollars I would put some away for our retirement years, but then I would want to help others.  I don't need many things anymore.  I don't really care about fancy cars or big houses. I love the house I live in now.  I would probably have more fabric, but I would be very discerning how much and what I bought.  I would love to take all my family on a wonderful trip somewhere.  I would love to travel to England and spend a few months there.  I would love to have a cabin in Alaska where we could go and spend the summers.  I would love to help a truly needy family who needed a help up, not a handout.  I would love to start scholarships for the kids in my church who wanted to go to college and of course, for my grandchildren but I am a firm believer that if you go to college you should pay for it yourself as much as you are able. I paid for all my college bills. I would have more land somewhere where I could raise some horses or just board a horse somewhere so I could go ride any time I wanted.  Have I spent one million dollars yet?  It probably is harder to spend than I think, but a million dollars doesn't buy as much anymore.

  What would you do with a million dollars?  Maybe you already have a million dollars. I hope you are happy if you do.

  Here's to dreams and to helping others.  Bye

Friday, January 18, 2013

It's Finished. Hurray!

Once upon a time there was this maniacal, obsessive woman who bought a knitting book and had to make something immediately.  She bought some yarn and proceeded to knit like mad every time she had a chance.

  She knit in the morning, she knit in the afternoon and all evening.  Her scarf grew longer and longer.

  She swooned over the pretty colors that appeared as the scarf grew longer.  Then, one day, she was done. 

  The scarf looked good on her little brown hen coat.  She could not believe she had actually knit it.  It was such a fun project and so easy. 

  She hoped the Spring-like weather would go away for a little while so that she could wear the scarf.  Even though she has been loving this warmer weather.

  Then she went back to obsessing about her big, fat project which these paints may or may not be a part. Bye


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Colorful Crafting and an Old Hobby revisited

  This may or may not have something to do with my big, fat project.  I love painting with acrylics.  I have painted signs, birdhouses, and pictures with them.  I just bought these and can't wait to start using them. 

  This is a few of my paints and paintbrushes.  I hyper-ventilate when I go into Walmart, Lowes or Hobby Lobby and see paint.  I am always checking paint chips and thinking about painting something. This passion includes painting walls. I have painted the walls in our house three or four or more times since we moved here.

  David tries to steer me away from the paint section at Lowes because he knows I start thinking of painting a room whenever I go there.  David says we have so much paint on the walls we don't need insulation. 

  Anyway, I have been painting continuously the last few weeks and there is no end in sight.  That's as far as I am going because if I keep typing about it I will give away my big, fat project because I have a hard time keeping secrets as my family well knows.

  Before Christmas I was in JoAnn's in Greenwood supposedly buying fabric to make pajamas for my grandchildren.  I went by the magazine section and saw this wonderful knitting book. 


I asked myself......

 Do you want to see some of the glorious knit projects in this magazine?  Honestly, they are so beautiful and so feminine and loverly, and, and, and.... Oh, let's just look.

  Oh, my, I could see myself wearing this in the Spring over a pretty, lacy outfit.

  Could I knit this?  Don't think so. At least not right now.

  Just so lovely.  I think just about any woman would look good in this. 

  Cute little military style sweater. 

 Oh, I want to get good enough at knitting that I could make this hat.  I love it.  I love hats, but very seldom wear them except when I walk the dogs.  I know the dogs won't judge me on how I look in them so maybe that is why.  I think this would be cute, though.

  I see in my mind just about everyone in Great Britain wearing sweaters like this. If you are from Great Britain and reading this, I just wonder if you all have this incredible style that I always see from movies and pictures about Britain.  I imagine you all do.  From many of the blogs I read from you ladies in Great Britain, you have great taste in clothes.

  Now this I might manage to learn to knit.  I would absolutely wear this.  I love, love, love it.  So feminine. 

  Buying this book has wetted my appetite to start knitting again.  Many years ago when Christopher Columbus was sailing the ocean blue, I learned to knit.  My mother and I took classes and learned to knit a cardigan sweater with cables down the front.  I don't think my mother ever got hers done, but I did all but the buttons and I wore that sweater without the buttons for a long time.  I loved it. 

  When I started having children I so wanted to knit them cute little outfits.  I knit my oldest son a cable knit sweater that I still have.  Then I went on to knit him pants and a matching top and I learned to change colors on that.  Then I lost interest for a while until I had a baby girl and I knit her a sweater, cap and booties.  I started another sweater for her, but never finished it.  I've got a lot of those. Unfinished projects, I mean. 

  I started an afghan of many blocks knitted in different stitches.  I wrote about it a while back.  It's still not finished either.  I put away my knitting needles for many years and picked up needle and thread and fabric and began making quilts.  That has been my main hobby for years.

  Then I purchased this knitting book and I knew I was going to have to start knitting again.  Two skeins of yarn jumped into my cart all by themselves the other day at Walmart and I came home and began knitting a scarf.  I had to go online and relearn how to cast on, but once I got that I was off to the races.

The yarn is amazingly like those socks in the Jane Austen book.  I am just doing a straight knitting scarf.  This yarn is variegated and I am liking how the colors change as I knit.  I find it rather relaxing to sit and knit.  I don't like to just sit  and watch television.  Have to have something to do with my hands besides eat, so this is nice for me.

  This book also had several articles in it about Jane Austen, the clothes worn during that period and the hobbies women in Jane Austen's time would have engaged in. It's a really wonderful book.  Well worth what I have invested in it.  Really, if I could, I would love to have lived back in those gentler times when women dressed so femininely.

 The  Bennett family in Pride and Prejudice.  Don't all the girls look so pretty? Insert myself in the picture right by the sister on the sofa.  Bye. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tweaking the blog

 I have been doing some experimenting with my blog.  Let me first explain I am completely dense about things like this. I have lost pictures and now I have lost my title.  I will find it.  It's out there in blogland somewhere.  I like the new background and color, but that darn title. Where are you? 

  Since I don't have my title, Snickelfritz, back up yet, I will tell you why I chose that name for my blog. When I was a little girl, I liked following my daddy around on the farm.  I was just a little pest at times. I loved riding the old tractor with him and going out in the wagon to the corn field where the corn picker would throw corn at me in the wagon. That would probably be considered child abuse now, but I loved dodging those ears of corn.  It was fun!  He taught me how to feed the baby calves with the calf bucket.  He showed me how to take care of the baby chicks.

  On Saturdays that he would kill a chicken for Sunday dinner, I was right there watching it all from the head getting chopped off, to the chicken running around with its head off.  Then I would help daddy pull the feathers off and we would take the naked chicken into mom and she would cut it up.  Sunday we had the best fried chicken in the world.  To this day I have never tasted as good fried chicken anywhere.

   My daddy was a very busy man.  He farmed our little farm and had a job in a factory in the city. He kept a huge garden that fed us all year.  He didn't have time to play with us much, but when he did, it was extra special.  I loved when he would play basketball with my brothers in the haymow.  Daddy played basketball in high school and he must have been a good player.  All my brothers were on the basketball team at our school.

  When the baby chicks would come in the Spring, I loved going with daddy to pick them up.  I would ride in the front seat with him.  Just think.  A little girl riding in the front seat of a car with NO SEAT BELT.  The little chicks would be cheeping all the way home and I couldn't wait to get them out and hold them.  We had a brooder house where we would put them. They would live there until they got their feathers.  There was a heat lamp hung from the ceiling in the center of the brooder house  under which the chicks would stay to keep warm.  I got to water them and feed them every day.  I loved it.  I guess that is why I am so excited that we are going to get some chicks this Spring. 

  I was always asking daddy questions. He never talked much, but he was very patient with me.  His favorite name for me was Snickelfritz.  "Hi, Snickelfritz," he would say.  When he would come in from working in the barn he would say, " Are you being a good girl, Snickelfritz?"  Of course I was.  I looked up the meaning of the word Snickelfritz not long ago and and found out it meant a mischievous child. Hmmm.

  I'm sure daddy meant it endearingly.  Of course he did.  I think.  Maybe. 

  Anyway, that is why I named my blog Snickelfritz. Bye.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ramblings from a rambling mind

 The first full week of 2013 is already gone.  Is this how the whole year is going to be?  Seems I just get out of bed and it's time to get back in.  When I wake up I look forward to an entire day of activity and before I know it, it's supper time, we eat and the day is gone.  I don't even have a job.  What are the days like with all you who have to go to work every day? 

  When I did go to a job every day, the days seemed longer some how.  Maybe work does make the days seem longer.  Not that I don't "work," I'm just not on anyone's timetable except God's.  I have always been protective of my time and make decisions on things according to the time I have.  When I was a stay at home Mom, people thought since I was home all day I should have time to do things they thought up for me to do.  Sometimes I would go along with them, but I learned the word "no" and learned how to stick to it.  My kids and husband always came first before I would adjust my time for others' conveniences.   I was a room mother for several years and really loved doing it.  I babysat other people's children and loved that too.  I had time to take my children to story hour at the library, go on school trips with my children and teach Sunday school.  I helped cook meals for church dinners, was on committees and one time I was talked into doing the school newspaper.  I also helped with the school carnival, made costumes for school programs and was a teacher's aide once.

  Maybe it's because I was younger and had children that I seemed to have so much time to do more things.  I have always heard the saying, " If you have something you want done, find a busy person and it will get done."  I was always busy. 

  Here I am, smack dab in the middle of retirement with my husband in semi-retirement and we both wonder how we ever got anything done when we both worked. We are busy all the time.  We think up projects and in the middle of them we think we have  both lost our minds, but when the projects get completed, we feel such a sense of accomplishment.

  A lot of people when they reach our age start slowing down.  We are going the opposite direction.  We are going to start raising chickens for eggs, I want a huge vegetable garden next summer and I want to get another chocolate lab puppy.  We are planning a family reunion, will have our forty-fifth wedding anniversary so that means we want to take a trip somewhere.  I want to walk ten miles in one day again.  I managed to do that last summer although is took me most of a day.  Right now I try to walk three to five miles a day, but some days I am too busy for that!                            

  Okay, it sounds like I am complaining, but I really am not.  I love being busy, having something to look forward to and love projects as I have written before. 

  I guess I was getting a little nostalgic  today looking at old Christmas cards I have kept for many years.  It reminded me at how quickly the years have gone.  I have cards from loved ones who have passed, from children who are grown, and from friends who live far away.  Maybe I will share them another time.

  Before I start rambling I will close.  Enjoy your time on this earth.  You only get to live it once.  Live, love, laugh and be kind to one another. Bye.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome to 2013

  Another year. Wow, how time does fly, doesn't it?  It goes faster every year.  Sometimes I think God has put us on warp speed because He's getting ready to finish His work.  2012 was some year, wasn't it?   I'm glad we made it through and hope that this brand new year will be better for all of us.

  Today was pillowcase making day.  When I was a girl my mother always had cabbage to eat and made pillowcases for New Year's.   I haven't had cabbage today, but I have kept the tradition of sewing pillowcases for the new year.  I was only going to make a couple, but I was having so much fun picking fabrics I ended up with four and could have made more.  I made one flannel, the blue striped one, and the rest are 100% cotton.  Really like that black gingham check. I have five yards of it and would like to buy more because it can be used in so many things.


  I like to mix up my pillowcases on our bed.  I usually just use white sheets because I feel they are softer and I just like sleeping on white sheets rather than color ones. Colored ones make me itch.  Is that crazy?     I like to make up our beds to look like a hotel bed with lots of pillows.  Looking at this pillowcase makes me want to go out in my shop right this instant and make another 

  Today was the changing of the calendars.  I love getting new calendars.  I always get one Lang calendar which usually has folk art pictures for each month  This artist always has paintings that make me smile each month.  I especially like her October pictures.

  They are so colorful and fun.  I have had Lang calendars hanging in our home for years and I hope they continue forever.

 In the last year or so I discovered Susan Branch.  She has been around for a long time and I don't know why I had never known about her, but I'm sure glad I happened upon her blog.  You really should go there.  Just type in Susan Branch blog and you will find so many wonderful things to see and read there.  She has wonderful recipes and she is a delight to read.  She calls all her readers her "girlfriends" and really, you feel like you are.  She has written several books with recipes. She writes them in long hand and paints water color pictures for them and that is how they are published. She and her husband, Joe, took a two month trip to England last summer and she is now working on a diary of that trip.  I can't wait for it to come out because I know it is going to be wonderful.    I bought this book a while back.

 This is a wonderful book for all women who have girlfriends.  It's about girly things that most of us can relate to.  It is so much fun to read and it brings back memories for me because Susan grew up in about the same time I was growing up. I found it on Amazon if you are interested. 

  Anyway, I bought Susan Branch's 2013 calendar and I was not disappointed.  Each page is a treasure.

  She hand writes  beautiful things and her water color pictures are so sweet.  I guess you could say I am a fan of Susan Branch.  She lives on Martha's Vineyard with her husband and cat, Jack, and writes about her life there on her blog.  Going to Martha's Vineyard is on my bucket list.

  Going into the doggie bathroom(I name all my rooms) is this Lab calendar.  As most of you know, I have two labs that I love and these calendars are so wonderful.  Labs are just the most loving, smart, talented caring, inquisitive, happy dogs that anyone could have. 

  This picture looks like my Belle except that Belle is stockier and shorter than this lab appears to be.  It's her face, though.  How could you not love that face?

  I got this calendar for free.  Looking at it makes me excited about planting my flower garden this Spring.  Don't think my garden will reach the beauty of the gardens in this calendar, but they are inspiring.

  Look at all this beauteousness.  We need a little color during these dark, dull days of winter.   Just remember, Spring is not far away, God's in His heaven, if you have your health you are rich, kiss a loved one today, give thanks for having food to eat, a bed to sleep and a roof over your head.  Life is good. 

  Now I will leave you with some entertainment from my grandsons. Bye.