Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ramblings from a rambling mind

 The first full week of 2013 is already gone.  Is this how the whole year is going to be?  Seems I just get out of bed and it's time to get back in.  When I wake up I look forward to an entire day of activity and before I know it, it's supper time, we eat and the day is gone.  I don't even have a job.  What are the days like with all you who have to go to work every day? 

  When I did go to a job every day, the days seemed longer some how.  Maybe work does make the days seem longer.  Not that I don't "work," I'm just not on anyone's timetable except God's.  I have always been protective of my time and make decisions on things according to the time I have.  When I was a stay at home Mom, people thought since I was home all day I should have time to do things they thought up for me to do.  Sometimes I would go along with them, but I learned the word "no" and learned how to stick to it.  My kids and husband always came first before I would adjust my time for others' conveniences.   I was a room mother for several years and really loved doing it.  I babysat other people's children and loved that too.  I had time to take my children to story hour at the library, go on school trips with my children and teach Sunday school.  I helped cook meals for church dinners, was on committees and one time I was talked into doing the school newspaper.  I also helped with the school carnival, made costumes for school programs and was a teacher's aide once.

  Maybe it's because I was younger and had children that I seemed to have so much time to do more things.  I have always heard the saying, " If you have something you want done, find a busy person and it will get done."  I was always busy. 

  Here I am, smack dab in the middle of retirement with my husband in semi-retirement and we both wonder how we ever got anything done when we both worked. We are busy all the time.  We think up projects and in the middle of them we think we have  both lost our minds, but when the projects get completed, we feel such a sense of accomplishment.

  A lot of people when they reach our age start slowing down.  We are going the opposite direction.  We are going to start raising chickens for eggs, I want a huge vegetable garden next summer and I want to get another chocolate lab puppy.  We are planning a family reunion, will have our forty-fifth wedding anniversary so that means we want to take a trip somewhere.  I want to walk ten miles in one day again.  I managed to do that last summer although is took me most of a day.  Right now I try to walk three to five miles a day, but some days I am too busy for that!                            

  Okay, it sounds like I am complaining, but I really am not.  I love being busy, having something to look forward to and love projects as I have written before. 

  I guess I was getting a little nostalgic  today looking at old Christmas cards I have kept for many years.  It reminded me at how quickly the years have gone.  I have cards from loved ones who have passed, from children who are grown, and from friends who live far away.  Maybe I will share them another time.

  Before I start rambling I will close.  Enjoy your time on this earth.  You only get to live it once.  Live, love, laugh and be kind to one another. Bye.

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