Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Walk With Belle and Meet White Tail

  There is nothing I like better than to leash up my lab, Belle and go for a walk.  She gets so excited when she sees me pick up the leash.  I use to walk Bonnie alot, but last summer we  took her to the woods where my daughter's family lives and Bonnie now thinks any time the leash comes out for her she is supposed to get into the car and go.  She simply refuses to leave the yard on the leash.  Yeah, Bonnie, I'm talking about you.

  These are pictures of the very last time I tried to take Bonnie for a walk.  She followed me as far as the cars, sat down and refused to budge.  No amount of coaxing would get her to go for a walk or go back into the yard.

     Then David tried to get her to move.  Nope, no moving an eighty-eight pound dog that refuses to budge.  "I am going to get into the car and we are going to drive to Brown County and I am going to play with my dog cousins," Bonnie seems to be saying.

  There was nothing for David to do but put Bonnie in his truck. " I won," Bonnie seems to be saying.  Doesn't she look happy?   David took her a ride around the block.  I know, our dogs are so spoiled, but what's a person to do?   After the ride, she got out and went calmly back into the yard.  Crazy girl.  We will have to take her to Brown County soon to visit her dog cousins.

  But back to Belle, who never gives us a bit of trouble, ahem.  She does love to go on walks with me.  We probably walked a few hundred miles this past summer.  "Okay, Mom, lets' quit the chatter and get going." 

  This is Belle doing her impersonation of a pointer. 

  This is Belle rolling around on a dead animal, or is it poo?  Ewww.  Dogs do this. I don't know why, but I don't want to have any part of it.  She seems to be having a great time. 

  Sometimes I let Belle off her leash when we are walking where it's safe.  This is all I see of her when I let her go.   Come back Belle.  Sorry for the view.

  Belle contemplating the next squirrel she is going to chase.  She loves chasing squirrels  There are alot around where we walk so she gets to chase alot of them.

   We walk and walk and she never tires of pulling on the leash. 

  We walk until we are mere shadows of ourselves.  Ha.

  Speaking of squirrels.........
    I had been seeing a white tailed squirrel for several days eating under the bird feeder.  Every time I ran and got the camera it would go behind a tree or behind the truck and I couldn't get a picture of it.  It had the biggest, bushiest white tail.  No one believed I was seeing him/her.

  Here he/she is, White Tail.   Isn't it's tail pretty?   I set up a feeding station he/she couldn't resist this morning with birdseed, suet and corn.  He/she could not stay away. I also moved the car so he/she could not hide behind it. 

  From now on I will refer to White Tail as a girl.  She is much too pretty to be a boy. Her tail is really white and she loves to flaunt it.  Look at her cute posing.  Just hope she avoids running onto the street.  I'm starting to get attached to her. 

  Here's to stubborn dogs, long walks and bushy-tailed squirrels.  Bye.

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