Monday, December 3, 2012

A Good Time Was Had By All

   I love Christmas time.  I love everything about it.  For me it is about  faith, family and fun not shopping, greed and gimme more.  I try not to do much more than one or two days of shopping as I think all year about what I would like to give someone and shop accordingly.  I also like to make gifts and I am always finishing things up the week before Christmas which is fine with me.

   This weekend was so busy and fun.  I loved every minute of it from putting up the tree, to baking all day Saturday, to sitting by the campfire with David and eating giant marshmallows, to seeing the Santa train with my grandboys, to celebrating five birthdays on Sunday and having homemade strombolies and Chocolate cake with fluffy icing. I also helped in Sunday school with six of the cutest kids.  I really look forward to seeing them every week.  Ones and twos and they are so much fun. 

    Here are a few(?) pictures from our weekend.


   Warm fire and hot chocolate. 

   My sweet Belle begging for a marshmallow.  I made her and Bonnie homemade dog bisquits so that will have to do, Belle.

  Friday night we went to the Santa train.  The Santa train travels through small towns in southern Indiana  and stops where the children can get on and talk to Santa and Mrs. Claus.  There are all kind of characters who get out and visit with the children.  It really is fun for kids and grownups too.

  Rudolph wanted to say "Hello," but my grandson wasn't having any part of it. 

  The Grinch wasn't so grinchy and handed out candy to the kids.

   There was Batman and is that Robin?????

  Santa and Mrs. Claus were busy taking orders for Christmas and handing out candy canes.  Everyone on the train was so nice.

  On our way home that night, we took a picture of this house on a hill decorated for Christmas.  It's on 46 and you can't miss it if you are heading to Nashville.

  Sunday after church we headed back to our daughter's house for her husband's homemade stromboli sandwiches and to celebrate a few birthdays taking place in December.  Believe me when I tell you these were so delicious with his homemade dipping sauce.

  There were kids climbing hills....

  kids walking, er, kids....

  These kids, to be precise.  Bolt and Jessie, two cute pygmy goats.  I was feeding them potato chips and they followed me right up to the front door begging for more.  They eat all the time and I mean all the time.  They keep the grass cut very well.

   It was a super fun and busy weekend but all good times must end and we had to go home.  I will leave you with a picture of Bonnie and Belle begging for treats at the backdoor this morning.  Who's that begging with them??

  Who will get the treat?  

  Here's to Santa trains, pygmy goats and birthdays.  Bye.

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