Friday, December 7, 2012

Oops! and a Precious Gift

  If you read this blog very often, you know I like to post pictures. I am not vey good on the computer and don't have any fancy things on my blog. I don't advertise and I don't have special effects although I would like to at some time..  I just like to write and have some pictures to show what I am talking about.

  I was going through my blogs last night and discovered that almost all my pictures on most of my blogs have been erased.  David had done something with all our pictures and after he did it, my blog header was messed up and now I have no pictures except for the two most recent blogs. He does not know what he did and I know he feels bad about it.

  Therefore, I will not be posting pictures for a while until I get a new webpage, but I will continue to write.  David said he would buy me a new webpage for Christmas and I will, hopefully, have a brighter and more picturesque blog when he does. 

  I will be busy from now until Christmas anyway and then after Christmas I will begin working like gang buster on my big, fat, secret project that will be revealed sometime next year. 

  Today I want to talk about a very special girl.  She came into my life thirteen years ago.  I was never so happy to see someone in my life as I was that girl.  She was born on this day thirteen years ago and I had to wait two whole weeks to see her because she lived in Chicago.  That girl is my granddaughter, Abigail Grace Craig.  She is so special. She has a good heart, is generous, talented, smart, loves to read(something I am so glad about) and she can sing beautifully.  She will be singing  a solo in the school choir Christmas program this year and I am so looking forward to it.  If I had ordered a granddaughter from the granddaughter store I could not have gotten a better one than Abby.  I love her so much and pray for her everyday and only want her to have a wonderful life filled with happiness and as little trouble as possible. 

  When I found out we were going to be grandparents for the first time I could hardly wait.  The day Abby was born her daddy sent a picture of her on the computer.  I wanted to get my hands on her so much, but had to wait two weeks before we could travel up to Chicago.  The day I saw her, I fell in love and I have watched her grow into a wonderful girl and I love her more each day.  A teen-ager.  I can't believe it.  How quickly the time has passed. Happy birthday, Abby.  I love you so much.

   Those of you who are grandparents know how special grandchildren are.  We love our children, but our grandchildren are the icing on the cake of life.  I have five by birth and one by adoption and I love them all.   I remember being the apple of my grandfather's eye and I want each of my grandchildren to know they are the apples of my eye. 

  On this day of remembering Pearl Harbor and celebrating a birthday I know I have alot to be thankful for.

  Here's to granddaughters, birthdays and blogs that work.  Bye.

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