Sunday, December 23, 2012

Almost Here

   Can you feel it?  The expectation and excitement that is in the air?  The feeling that something wonderful is going to happen?  I wonder if that is what Mary and Joseph felt that first Christmas day?  The day of Jesus' birth.  I love Christmas.  The tree, the presents, the lights, the carols.  But it wouldn't mean anything to me if it did not have the Christ child at its center.  I feel that this day, the only one of the year where the world celebrates one baby's birth, is so special and so wonderful it is hard to put it into words. 

  Jesus has always been the center of my celebrating Christmas.  He is in everything I do.  From the making of gifts for loved ones, to buying gifts, baking cookies, feeding my little flock that comes on this special day, to the cantata at church, to seeing Santa and the joy and excitement in my grandchildren's eyes.  Its all a part of Christmas because it is all good and good only comes from the one who made us all. 

  Today I baked.  And I baked.  And I baked some more.  Six dozen sugar cookies.

  Angels and little boys and that big round cookie with the green sprinkles is for the dogs.

  Christmas trees. 

  All to be iced and sugared.  This is a favorite family recipe that I have used every year since I have been married. I will have to tell you how we came to get this recipe, but that is for another day. 

 These are especially good dipped in a cup of coffee. 

   Next I made chocolate mint brownie bites.  I got this recipe over on the Pioneer Woman's blog. She has provided me with several really good recipes.  This is a chocolate lovers delight.  I mean, even the batter is good.  I am on a chocolate high right now and so is David as we couldn't help ourselves with these goodies. 

  Little chocolate bites made with unsweetened chocolate and Andes mints, baked, then dipped in melted Andes mints and Ghiradelli bittersweet chocolate and then sprinkled with chopped Andes mints or peppermint baking chips. I added that last ingredient because I didn't think they were decadent enough.

Omigosh, I am feeling a chocolate high just looking at them.  My grandchildren are going to be swinging from the ceiling lights.  I better serve a few vegetables Christmas.

  Did you know that every time David enters a room a sugar cookie angel loses its wings?   Hope your Christmas is filled with sweets and love. Bye.

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