Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Nation Grieves

  I have so many things I want to blog about, but after the events of Friday, I haven't had the heart to write about things of the world.  I want to write about spiritual things right now.

   I have been watching the news like all of you, trying to wrap my mind around how anyone could do the terrible things that young man did.  What was in his mind?  How could he look a young child in the eye and take his or her life?  Was he really that evil?  How does one become so evil?  Does God love him too?

   I have been told God loves everyone.  We are all sinners.  Some sins seem worse than others, but in God's eyes every sin is the same.  To us humans that doesn't make sense.  This tragedy should be rated right up there with the worst sins of all mankind, and yet, to God, it probably isn't.  God has seen it all. All the cruelty man has done to man.  All the children who have died before their time.  All the adults who have died horrible deaths.  He grieves over every one of them. He loved every one.

  People ask, "How does a loving God allow this to happen?"  They also say, "God can't tell me what to do."  God gave us free will.  We are not His puppets to operate as He would like us to.  That is why some people do these horrible thing. Because they want to.  It is evil and we all know it.  It is not from God. 

  I saw a father of one of the little girls who lost her life saying his family's prayers were with the murderer's family.   "Wow," I thought. "Could I be that forgiving?"  And yet, that is what we are suppose to do.  I don't know where that young man is spending eternity, but I know that every one of those little children are in heaven right this minute and are happy and playing and being the sweet children they were here on earth.  I am assured of that. 

   In the days to come, there will be many funerals, many tears, many questions.  Most questions will not be answered in this lifetime.  I hope the parents will put their trust in God and find the peace that only He can give.  Many people are praying for them and also for those others who lost their loved ones that day.  Teachers acted so bravely.  Children obeyed their teachers. People rushed to help them.  There was good going on that day also. 

  I wish peace, love, and grace to all who were affected and I pray for God to protect and keep them in the days ahead.  Love is the only thing that will help them.  Send them your love through thoughts, prayers and even letters and cards and flowers and let them know we all grieve with them.  God will be pleased.

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