Monday, December 17, 2012

The Colors of Christmas

  I love decorating for Christmas. I even decorate my shop a little bit although nobody but me sees it.  I just like to make it look a little Christmassy for the season.  We have this old mantel that I painted white and keep all kinds of paraphernalia on it all year.  I still have a Valentine picture there that you can see.  I like it so it will stay. I made a mitten garland and added a candle and that is my decoration for the shop. The little cupcake quilt I designed and made a while ago but I am thinking I will change it after the first of the year.  Don't want to get stagnant.

  This is the mantle in the house with all my Santas I have collected over the years.  It's getting kind of crowded.

  I especially like this Santa rowing a canoe.  I have made the room where my husband watches tv into a kind of Adirondack room for the season. 

  Woodsy looking wool blanket on the back of a chair.

      A wooden bowl full of mittens I have saved from when our children were little.

  Vintage pictures placed around the room.

  A green bulb in a lamp gives off a Christmassy glow. 

  Stockings hung by the window with care?  Those long red ones are really old.  We use to hang them when I was a girl. 

  The Nativity sits on top of an old spool cabinet.  My father made the manger many years ago.  Gosh, everything seems like many years ago when you get to my age!  Mary and Joseph are the only remaining pieces from the original set.  The rest were broken years ago.

  Santa, er, David sits in his comfortable chair  reading cards from his friends. 

    In the girly room......

  A white ceramic tree lit up for the holiday.

   My Charlie Brown tree with sand dollars tied all over it.

  A starfish tops the tree.   That's all I have in my girly room for Christmas decorations. 

 Bonnie posing as a tree.  I should put a bow on top of her head, but she would eat it if she could get to it.

   See that pretty girl in the center of the first row of a bunch of middle schoolers?  We went to her Christmas concert Friday night where she sang a solo.  So proud. She was so calm, cool and collected singing in front of an audience.  Hearing all the Christmas carols and seeing all these young people seeming to enjoy singing them made me realize this is a wonderful part of Christmas when we sing carols for our Lord and Savior. 

  Light a candle, say a prayer and be blessed by this wonderful season when the Savior of the world came to bring light and love. 

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