Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Holiday Times


   Christmas is over except for the memories.  You spend weeks and maybe even months getting ready for the big day and it goes by so quickly.  All that remains is the crumbs from the table and from all the cookies consumed, the wrapping paper and the lights that are still shining.

  We were blest to have three of our grandchildren spend Christmas Eve with us.  It is always so special to have children around at Christmas.  After all, the central figure in the Christmas story is a baby in a manger. 

   Happily my grandchildren like to play games.  I love playing games. We got this one a couple of years ago and it has become a family favorite.  We played it all evening. We also dipped marshmallow in chocolate and candy. 

  Dizios is a fun game that just about any age can play as long as they can match up colors. 

  Of course there is always the creative child who does something completely different with the tiles than their intended purpose.  Now it's a puzzle.

   Christmas morning and the rest of the family who could come arrived.  After lunch the gift opening began.
  Each box was a big mystery. What is in it?  Is it something wonderful?  It was funny to watch each gift opened.  If it was clothes, just like Ralphie and his brother in Christmas Story, the grandchild would fling them away and move onto another present. 
   I love seeing the cousins together. They don't get together very often, but they always are happy to see one another when they do.   This is my oldest grandchild and next to youngest grandchild.  
  Some gifts were just too cute.  This raccoon cap was adorable and looked so cute on the wearer.  It even has a little ringed tail in the back.  I love stuff like this.  Okay, I wouldn't give a rabbit suit although I actually had one when I was a little girl.
  The day after Christmas we had a blizzard.  It wasn't the worst blizzard I ever saw. The one in 1978 it snowed and blowed for three days.  My mother-in-law called us from the Virgin Islands where she lived and she could hear the wind blowing over the phone during that one.  This was just a heavy snow.  I was kind of hoping it would be worse.  I know, all you people who have to get out would like to say something about that, but I love it when the weather slows people down.  Having to stay home for a day or two would not be bad. 
  I spent the day working on my big, fat, project that will be revealed later.  It's work I love and I spent the afternoon in my shop.  David put together my new Ott lights he had given me and set up the record player, radio and CD player that was another gift.
   I love this radio. It looks so vintage. It's made by Crosley. My father used to work for Crosley back in the fifties. 

  Back to the blizzard, this was the view from our back door Wednesday morning.  Through a screen. 

  It was a powdered sugar world with a powdered sugar pup. 

   David, Bonnie and Belle worked hard to clean off the deck and the walkways.  Well, let's just say Bonnie and Belle supervised.  David had his snow blower out the night before the big snow making sure it ran and put it up on my shop deck to be ready for the next day.  He spent most of the morning cleaning off snow from the driveway and in front of the mailbox.  The mail didn't come yesterday. I still haven't checked it today although I am expecting a new quilt block book. 

   I love the way this bush looked in my neighbor's yard.  Snow just makes everything beautiful.  The older I get, the more I love it. 

  Here's to snow, powdered sugared dogs, and husbands who clear away snow. Oh, and remember to feed the birds. It's hard for them to find food when everything is covered.  Bye.

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