Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

  Thanksgiving is the one holiday when we should all slow down, take time to count our blessings and take a breath before the Christmas season.  Unfortunately, it has just become a speed bump to the hurry and scurry of holiday shopping, parties, and dinners.

   Thanksgiving was originally started to thank Almighty God for the past year and for all his blessings and his caring for us.  Now people sit outside big box stores waiting to grab one of maybe four big screen televisions they have in stock and for sale.

   I have decided that at this house we will not shop on Thanksgiving.   If we don't get the biggest or best thing going this holiday season it really doesn't matter.  At this house we will take a few moments to remember who has provided all that we have, who has died for us, who is Lord of all.  At this house God is remembered and we thank him for the loved ones who surround us and those not so near, but still in our hearts.  We are so thankful for everything we have.  God bless everyone who reads this and may all your Thanksgivings be ones of thankfulness and blessings.

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