Sunday, December 4, 2011


    David and I went to the Santa train with Sara, Jeremy and the boys.  There were alot of different characters there that would pose with the children.  Since the grandboys were not too keen about posing, Sara and I did it for them so we could get some pictures of the characters.  Here we are with Rudolph. 

        The Grinch was there being his usual naughty self.  He was so funny.   The grandboys got to sit on Santa's lap and we finally got them in a picture.   

        Sara and I aren't the only ones who have been posing lately.    This is one of Belle's favorite poses.  I've never seen a dog who liked to lay on her back the way she does.  Bonnie is looking bored with the whole thing although she also has learned just lately how to lay on her back and does it quite often.  I will post some pictures of her another day.

         Here's a stack of fabric posing for me.  It will soon be made into a quilt and some dolls I am presently working on.   I'll be showing them soon also. 

         It's been a fun weekend with the Santa train and then the grandboys' co-birthday party today.  Hope everyone had a great weekend and ready for the week ahead.  Only three more weeks 'til Christmas.  Just wish the season lasted longer.  It goes so fast.  Bye for now.   

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