Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Christmas gift

    I couldn't show this quilt before Christmas because it was for my only granddaughter.  I had a great time making this, picking out the fabric, sewing it, machine quilting it.  I'd like one like it for our bed, but I have already got another one I am working on for our recently redecorated bedroom.

      Most of my favorite colors are in this quilt.  I love greens and pinks together.  I always thought if I had been an old maid living alone, my house would be decorated in pinks and pastels and lace with doilies on the chairs and embroidered tablecloths on the table.  I try to get a few pastels around me by painting the walls softer colors.  When we repainted our bedroom, however, David had a big part in the decision of the color and I think he picked a wonderful one that complements alot of different colors.  The quilt I am making has alot of red in it which isn't something I would usually do, but it will look good there.  Anyway I hope it will.

        I embroidered my granddaughter's name at the top of the quilt.  I like to add some personal things on quilts I give away whether it is pictures. something about the person quilted in the quilt, things like that.  I used a varigated colored embroidery floss to make each letter different.  I like how it turned  out and I hope my granddaughter will have this quilt all her life. 

       I have several quilts planned for the next year.  Some will be gifts.  I treated myself the other day by ordering some beautiful fabric I absolutely love.   You will be seeing it in at least one of the quilts this year.    You know how an artist has to paint, well, I have to quilt.  I haven't got to do much this week with my daughter being sick and all the after Christmas cleaning and laundry I've been doing and next week doesn't look too promising either, but I do have this weekend so I will be out in my shop as much as possible.  Of course I will be making pillowcases New Year's day.  My mother always had to make pillowcases every year.  For luck, I guess although I just think it's nice to start the year with new bedding.  I got a Bed Bath and Beyond gift card for Christmas so I am going to buy a new set of sheets. I'll make up the bed with all the new bedding New Year's day. 

   Speaking of my mother, this is her graduation picture.  She taught me so much growing up even though I tried hard not to listen sometimes.  Because of her I will be sitting at my sewing machine Sunday making pillowcases and enjoying every bit of it.  I think of her every day and am so thankful she was my mother.

     Don't know if I will be writing again before the new year so hope everyone's year will be healthy, joyful and full of peace.   Always keep looking up to the One who watches over us all. Bye.

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