Saturday, January 7, 2012


  Really, has winter gone already?   It was so like Spring out today with warm sunshine, fluffy clouds, birds singing and flowers poking their heads up out of the ground.  I know we are going to pay for all this soon, but I am hoping it stays this way a little bit longer.

   Today David and I hung birdhouses.  Two were new ones I got for Christmas and the rest were ones we had taken down and cleaned out and repaired.  When we put one up that we have had up for years several little birds flocked around it as though checking out the housing.    I'll post some pictures later  of some of my birdhouses, but tonight I am too lazy to put pictures on my blog.  I am too busy sitting in my easy chair watching the GOP debate.  Honestly, I love an election year and am a political junkie. 

  Anyway, back to today.  We built a fire outside and worked in the yard.  I cleaned up some leftover sunflower stalks and David stacked wood and tilled the garden.  On January 7th David actually tilled the garden because the ground was not frozen solid.  I am dreaming of summer and a big garden with green beans, tomatoes, romaine, cucumbers, sunflowers and maybe some other things. 

    A friend called me to say she would be at church and I wanted to go put up some posters about a Bible study the women are going to do and I also wanted to help her clean our Sunday school carpet.  I loaded up my steamvac and spent a couple of hours at church working with her. 

   I also managed to walk six miles today and am pooped.  Don't know if I will  last through the whole debate.  I hope people pay attention to the election this year and who is running and make serious decisions about who they are voting for.  I am worried about our country and we all need to pay attention to what is going on.  Okay, that's as political as I will get because everyone has an opinion. 

  I'm going to pick up a quilt I am working on right now.  It's a double wedding ring in Christmas colors.  Maybe I will get it quilted by next Christmas as I am hand quilting it.  I'm getting sleepy. Yawn.  Bye for now.

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