Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oh happy day

   Today was the day I was supposed to get a tooth pulled.  One of my wisdom teeth. Here I am at the age I am and still have all my wisdom teeth.  That's why I'm so smart. Ha!   My appointment was at twelve noon.  I hate afternoon appointments for the doctor or dentist because it gives me all morning to worry about it.  I don't like to waste a good morning that way.

   Anyway, my husband dropped me off at the door of the office  and would pick me up later as I was going to be sedated.  As soon as I got in the door the girl at the desk started apologizing.  The dentist had been called on an emergency and would not be in.  "There goes my husband," I said.  Then other people started apologizing and hugging me and then I said, "I'll just walk to Jay C's."  They said, "You can't do that!"   I said I had already walked five miles this morning, what's another half mile or so.  Thankfully Jay C isn't far from my dentist.  So I started out.  As I walked I started to worry that David had decided to go to another store.  He thinks only one store can sell groceries, Wal-mart, but I differ with him on that.  I didn't see our car in the parking lot as I go nearer and thought I would have to walk back to the dentist's office, but then I saw it.  I found David wandering the aisles and he was surprised to see me.  We finished the shopping and came home.   It had begun snowing when I was walking and the wind was blowing and by the time we got home it was coming down pretty good.

  This is what our back yard looked like after only about a half hour of snowing.  You can see all the dog tracks on our deck.  The snow never stays very pristine around here with them around, but that's okay.

   This is our sweet Belle surveying her domain.  She looks like a powdered sugar puppy doesn't she?

  This is what we have been doing today.  I got a new puzzle several months ago and we were going to do that one, but I was rummaging around in a closet for some of our older puzzles and founds this Indiana one.  It was fun to do and I was surprised at how many interesting things there are in our state.  Told David we will have to make some trips soon to see our own state for a change.    We are going to start a San Francisco puzzle this afternoon.  Think I'll put my pajamas on and make it a really relaxing afternoon.  I have never spent the day in my pajamas except when I was sick and it just sounds like the thing to do.  A cup of tea, a puzzle and thou.  Does that sound romantic?  Bye for now.


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