Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy birthday cake

   Tomorrow is David's birthday and I asked him what kind of cake he wanted and he said he would like a pineapple upside down cake.  Tonight I made it and because he could not wait until tomorrow to eat a piece, I put a votive candle on top and sang him the birthday song.

     This is the piece David cut out of the cake.  One eighth of the cake and he ate it all.  It did look good, but I am also baking my chocolate chip applesauce cake.   I eat a piece of this cake almost every single morning.  I will post a picture of it and the recipe later.

     Now about this husband of mine that I have known since I was twelve years old.  I was blessed the day I met him which was in the high school gymnasium at Greens Fork High School during a basketball game.  My best friend at the time was his cousin and we were running around the school during the game.  Her cousins, my future husband and his brother, were following us all over and  throwing paper Coke cups at us.  We ran into the girls' restroom and every time we tried to open the door the boys would throw more cups at us.  My best friend told me years later that I said I was going to marry that boy.  I don't know which one I meant at the time, but I did married that boy.  Anyway, we missed the whole game, but had so much fun dodging the Coke cups.  The trash cans were full of them to overflowing and we thought that was so funny!

     Fast forward to five years later.  My husband's family was moving to the Virgin Islands and he did not want to go so his Uncle, my best friend's dad, said he could live with them, finish his senior year in the states and then move to the Islands afterward.  It turned out that David ended up living with his grandparents in the same town which was nice for me.   I was a Junior at the time and saw him at the Dairy Queen the first day of school and was hooked.  He looked totally different from all the other boys.  While every other male at the time sported a "Beatle" cut, David had short hair and wore a leather jacket. 

    I attended all the football games and at the first one David sat behind me and my friends.  I think some of my friends may have had their eye on him also.    That weekend after the game his cousin called me and wanted to know it I would like to go to a movie with her and David?   It was David's sneaky way to get a date with me without asking!   I said yes.

   On Sunday afternoon we three went to see "Joy in the Morning" with Richard Chamberlain and Yvette Mimieux(don't think I spelled that correctly.)  I will always love that movie.  David and I held hands and afterward my BF drove us around while David and I necked in the back seat.  My children, if they are reading this, are probably gagging right now.  Yes, I loved to kiss.   I had had my share of necking sessions and had had my share of boyfriends and crushes, but I can honestly say I never enjoyed a date until that Sunday with David.

   When I got home from that date my mother looked right at me and said, "You are in love, aren't you?"  How perceptive she was.  Since she had married her high school sweetheart she knew what young love looked like. 

    I have been blessed to have been married to David for almost 44 years now and I know my life would never have been as happy if I had not married him.  I had some boyfriends that, as I look back now, know they would have not made good husbands. 

    I could tell you much more, like the time I thought I was going to lose him or the time I broke our engagement, but that will have to be for another time.  Bye.


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