Sunday, January 8, 2012

The bird community

    I have a collection of bird houses.  Some are for the birds and some are for decoration. 
    This little birdhouse looks like a log cabin.  It has housed some wrens for the last two summers.  The wrens sit out in the snowball bush beside our deck and sing their hearts out.  Notice the green door on the fence?  I painted it several years ago and we used it as a gate to our backyard for a while.  Now it is fastened to the fence.  I don't know why.  Guess I just couldn't stand to get rid of it.

 Isn't this a cute little house?  I got it from my daughter-in-love and my grandkids for Christmas.  I love it. 

  It has this little nest attached to the roof with fake eggs inside it.  Hope that doesn't confuse the birds when they are looking for a house.

One of my grandchildren painted this house a couple of years ago. It needs a little sprucing up so maybe we will work on that this summer. 

  This is not a birdhouse.  It is a stop the dogs barking thingamajig that is supposed to emit a high shrill sound that only dogs are supposed to hear and it is supposed to stop their barking.  I think I can hear it.  I must be part dog.  My dogs, after a few days, ignore it.  In fact, I think they bark more because they like to hear it!

  As the sign says, all birds are welcome in our yard.  We can sit out on our swing in the summer and watch birds flying all over the yard, cardinals, chickadees, sparrows, goldfinches, brown thrashers, house wrens, and when we are really lucky, indigo buntings.  We have tried to entice bluebirds with bluebird houses, but haven't had any yet.  Will be back soon. Bye.

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Noelle said...

Lovely collection! Thanks for sharing!
I think I am ready for Spring too and here we are at the beginning of Winter...sigh...