Thursday, December 8, 2011

Eating and creating

   Eating and creating things are two things I have to do.  I have a shop, studio, creative center in what use to be our two and a half car garage.  We removed the garage door and put in a wall and David put up pegboard and I painted the walls and the floor.  The ceiling hasn't been finished, but now I have a great place to go when I want to do my quilting, crafting, sorting of fabric, etc.    I also refinish furniture here and the above chair is one I am working on right now.  I will sand it, stain it and put a sealer on it and then it will go in our diningroom.

     Today I asked David if he would make dinner since I was going to be extra busy making things in my shop.  Things I cannot show because they are gifts for certain people.  He made meatloaf, mashed potatoes and I made us salads and it was all so good.  David's meatloaf is really good.  He said he would tell me what he put in it after I ate it and I told him not to tell me because it might make me sick.  Whatever he put in it, it was delicious.


                   This is what my shop looks like while I am creating.  I tend to root through all my fabric to find the perfect piece and leave it in piles until I am finished. 

            This is a pile of fabric I am working with.  I have about four or five projects going at the same time.  Isn't it funny, with so much fabric I would have to go out and buy some more?  It's true, I do.   I am using alot of Pamkitty Morning fabric right now and I love its colors and brightness.  

 Whoops, how did food slip in here again?  David was a good boy and ate all his green beans.

      I will leave you with a picture of my messy shop which I am not ashamed of because I know I will eventually get it back in order again only to mess it up again when I start on other projects.  Bye.

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