Monday, December 5, 2011

Little people and a dog who thinks she's one

       This is my black lab, Bonnie.  She is seven years old and far past the pup stage.  This summer she discovered she could lay on her back and she has been doing it ever since.  She looks like a bat in this picture when it hangs upside down in a cave.  She doesn't know that.  She thinks she's adorable and so do I.  But on to something I've been working on.

             You know those nesting Russian doll?  I forget what they are called, but I saw alot of them in Alaska and thought they were wonderful.  I thought, why can't I make a stuffed doll that looks like one of those so I drew a pattern and started in making these dolls.   I have become addicted to making them I'm afraid.  I was only going to make six, but now I have fourteen and I see no end in sight as I have a hundred ideas to make more.  Each has its own personality and, of course, I had to name them.  The two above are Dave and Grandma Nana.   He is quite dapper and she is your typical sweet old granny.


        This is Ruth.    She reminds me of my Aunt Ruth who always looked so nice when she dressed up.  She always smelled good too and she always had a smile on her face although she had a hard life.  So I like to think this little Ruth is happy and enjoying life to the fullest.

     This is plaid Patty.  Or plaid Pat if it looks like a boy to you.  Remember Pat on Saturday Night Live who no one could ever figure out if he/she was a boy or girl?   Maybe I should put a bow on Patty's head to distinguish her.  Or maybe not.

           This is a few of the gang together sitting on my quilts on the sofa lounging away while I try to write this blog and get the pictures posted that I want.  I am new to this and I get so dang frustrated sometimes and my husband is trying his best to teach me, but today I think the computer is playing tricks on me with things I've typed disappearing and pictures not uploading.  I am just happy I got this far.         

            I will just leave you with a very happy dog.  She doesn't even know or care what a computer or a blog is.  Maybe she is fortunate.  I think I'll go and lay on my back in my bed for a while.  I'm exhausted with this whole thing.  Bye.

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