Wednesday, December 28, 2011

After Christmas

  We had a wonderful Christmas day with church in the morning, dinner with family and gift unwrapping in the afternoon  As the afternoon progressed our daughter, who was not feeling well, was getting progressively worse.  She had an infected hangnail and a fever.  I told her maybe she should go to the emergency room and not wait until Monday.   So her husband took her into the hospital while we watched her two boys.

    I thought they would be gone for a couple of hours.  She would get checked out and sent home with some anti-biotics.  Five hours later they came here and Jeremy came in to get the boys and said Sara was completely incompacitated.  Couldn't walk or barely move. She'd been given a morphine shot and had been on an IV.

    He took her home and with his dad's help got her in the house as she was as limp as a ragdoll.  Next morning her hand was red and swollen and she had a big boil on one of her fingers and she had a high fever.  After talking to the doctor, she was sent to St.Vincents which, evidently, is one of the only hospitals around that handles hand problems. 

    As soon as she got there they put her on an IV and later the surgeon came in and after conferring with another doctor did some minor surgery on her hand to get out some of the infection. Unfortunately he had to numb her right at the most painful place on her hand and it wasn't pretty.

      She has been in the hospital since Monday and gets to go home today, but must remain on an IV for two more weeks.   I think I will be going over there to help her out if they need me.

      Anyway, it was a bad end to a wonderful day, but am so glad she is doing better and went to the hospital and didn't wait or she might have been worse off.  We never know when our celebrations can become times of worry and pain so enjoy the celebrations while you can because life has a way of handing you lemons.  Just have to go make some lemonade right now.  Bye

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