Saturday, August 13, 2011

Too much fun to blog

  The past three weeks have flown by.  We put our little car onto a ferry in Bellingham, Washington and sailed up the inside passage and out over the sea to Whittier, Alaska.  I love sailing and all the beautiful scenery along the way.  We were actually surrounded by whales one day.  Everywhere we looked there were whales blowing their spouts and diving.  So simply amazing it almost seemed unreal. 
   We have been all over Alaska.  Well, all over on the main roads that is. Down to Homer where people could camp out right on the beach and where we ate at a quaint little restaurant and I had the best halibut chowder.  No building codes in Alaska it seems.  Whatever one wants to make a home is okay.  Saw a boat that was on land and had been transformed into a house.  Little houses that seemed to have been thrown up overnight to give someone shelter. 
   Stayed in Wasilla for three nights.  We were three houses down from Sarah Palin's house.  Our motel was right on Lucille Lake with the mountains behind and it was so breathtaking.  Loons swam in the lake and ducks came up to the motel to be fed.  I have so much to tell about Alaska, but I am too busy right now enjoying our vacation.  Will try to write all about it when I get the time.  Just want to say I absolutely, positively, love Alaska.  It is too beautiful for me to be able to describe it.  We have only seen a tiny part of it and I can't imagine what the rest of it holds.  Will be back.

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