Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cool weather at last

  I use to be a summer girl, but the older I get, the more I like the cooler temps.  I come alive when the weather gets cooler and I have so much energy.   Fall is the time of year I am outside walking, gardening, and playing with the dogs.  Summers I am like my dogs who stay under our cool deck all day.  I want to stay inside out of the sun in the cool.  There was a time I use to lay by the pool and bake for hours.  Can't help thinking how bad that was for my skin, but I loved the heat on my body and being extremely tan every year.  Now I bearly get a touch of tan and that is only because I have to get out and mow our yard and do the gardening. 
  So today I was out planting some new echinacea plants I got in the mail last week.  I had forgotten I had ordered them and evidently they were on backorder all summer because I had placed my order with this particular company last spring.  I also divided some salvia and hibiscus and replanted those also.  I am constantly rearranging plants and moving them to different places in the garden.  I call my backyard the dogs' garden because that is where they live and do their own particular brand of gardening, digging up moles and rooting up holes all over.  In spite of that, the flowers are beautiful there and I consider the dogs' work just part of the landscape. 
  The front yard is my work of art.  I took a once rather scraggily green lawn and have transformed it into a garden full of daffodils, hydrangeas, weeping cherry, weeping pussy willow, lilies, zinnias, hostas, salvia, lamb's ear, a rose arbor and many other flowers.  I have a giant pink flamingo made of iron standing by my front porch. I know, it sounds tacky, but it's really hardly noticeable unless I point it out.  Various other yard decorations are arranged around the garden paths.  This garden is also in a constant state of change as I remove plants that aren't doing well or are not as colorful as I wanted. 
  Now I am thinking of making some crusty bread and trying to make bruschetta.  Remember that scene in "Julie and Julia" where Julie is frying bread and making brushetta?  It looked so good to me I decided that one day I would try it so today is the day.  My husband will love the bread, I'm sure, but the bruschetta, not so much.  He's not much of a vegetable kind of guy.  Meat and potatoes all the way with my man.  I will put some kind of meat and cheese on the bread for him. 

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