Monday, September 12, 2011

Recorating again

      See this painting?  I bought it the other day at an antique shop.  I am going to decorate a whole room around it.  Let's start from the beginning.............  Oh, and please forgive the bright white flash in the center of the painting. I told you I was not a photographer.

     Thirty-four years ago my husband and I packed up and with our three children left a place I had known my whole life and moved to a town where we knew no one and had no family around.  I was use to always having family close by.  Needless to say at the time I was not a happy camper.  I cried the first week we were in our new, old house.  We bought an old house because that was what we wanted and we wanted a fixer upper.  Well, this house whas built in 1913 and had the original bathroom that was put in in the fifties.  It had a thirty year old furnace, cracked walls, the ugliest blue paneling on the upstairs hallway, with bright blue paint on the woodwork.  

      With three children to clothe and feed we didn't have a whole lot of money back then to pay to have any work done so we did it all ourselves. We painted, stripped woodwork, put in new carpet one room at a time and eventually got the house looking almost good.
        The years went swiftly by and one by one the children left home and we kept on working on this old house.  Two years ago I finally got a whole new kitchen.  Before I had one little countertop and cabinets above the sink to store dishes.  Now I have all the room I need to do all the baking that I love to do. 
         One by one each room was decorated, carpeting removed and wood floors refinished and new ones put in and now we have started doing the rooms all over again.  My tastes have changed so much in thirty-four years.  I use to like the primitive look with dark colors and homespun.  Now I am into pastels and have painted all but two rooms in the last three years.

           Then I bought this painting and I am going to do our family room in a chabby chic decor using the colors in the painting.  Right now the room has a red, white and blue theme with American flags all over, very patriotic.  Since I spend most of my time in the winter in this room working on my quilt and sewing projects, I decided to make it a room I would love to be in.  Something bright and cheerful and kind of girly.  Since my husband has the livingroom with the big screen tv and his comfortable lounge chair, I don't think he will mind if I have this room for myself.

        Steering clear off the subject, this is the little wooden bowl, scoop and acorns I bought the other day.  It's in my husband's room where all the nuts are kept. Ha! I know you will read this, David.

         By the way this is an angel food cake I baked yesterday.  It's been iced and two pieces have been eaten since then.

           So that is why I showed you the painting.  I should have been an interior decorator because I love transforming a room.  Bye for now.

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