Friday, September 9, 2011

Buying white muslim

           I love white muslim.  It gets softer the more it's washed and makes a quilt feel soft and cozy.  I was saying to myself the other day within hearing of my husband, who shall not be named, that I needed some more white material to finish a quilt I was making

           There is a perfectly good fabric store, JoAnn's, here in our town, but my husband said, "Why don't we make a day of it?  We'll go antiquing, eat out and you can get your fabric."  Well, I'm not too hard to persuade when it comes to a day away.  Considering we got back from Alaska two whole weeks ago, my wanderlust had set in and I was ready to go anywhere.

             We left early and drove down the interstate, which we both hate, to Salem.  Salem is a little town in southern Indiana that has small town written all over it.  It has a quaint downtown with an antique store, some restaurants and a wonderful craft store that also sells good quality quilt fabric.  I love, love,  love to go there.  I always get inspired when I walk its aisles.   Well, anyway, I was looking for white muslim and all they had was the extra wide 108" bolts so I bought a couple of yards.  Then I started to look around.  That was my downfall.  I suddenly found in my hands fat quarters and was longingly fingering other fabric. 

              Since I had bought so much fabric on our trip to Alaska, I didn't feel I should be buying much more until I knew what I was going to do with what I had.  So I went down an aisle that had dish towels to embroider or applique and I was off!  Soon I had three dish towels and a whole handful of embroidery floss.  Next I chose a pattern of a pumpkin to embroider on them.  Next I looked at some wonderful puzzles that had quilts on them and my husband asked me, "Do you want one of them?  Well, halleluhah, yes!  So that was added to my pile.  Then I saw something I had read about on some quilting blogs called Best Press, a clear starch alternative called linen fresh because I love the smell of freshly laundered and pressed linen.

             I thought it was probably time to get the heck out of the store before I found something else so I made my purchase and we headed out of town.  But, what do you know, my husband took me around the corner to a cute little shop in an old house that we had visited once before.  It has all kinds of home decorating things and sells the best smelling candles.  The whole store smells heavenly.  I found a little wooden bowl and wooden scoop and bought a bag of the cutest fake acorns to pour in the bowl.  I felt like it was Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one. 

            Well, to make a long story short, or a short story long, whatever, I ended up with a whole lot more than white muslim, plus I had a wonderful day with my husband.  He is the sweetest, most generous, loving husband in the world.  He made this such a wonderful day.  I asked him what did I do to deserve this? 

               Here are a few pictures of the things I bought today.  Please excuse the pictures.  I am not a professional photographer nor do I play one on television.  Maybe one day I will learn how to take a really good picture, but until then, this is what we all will have to put up with. 

              Hope you all get to have a wonderful day once in a while like I did today.  Bye.

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