Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another project

  Anyone who knows me knows that I am always working on a project.  While I'm working on one my mind is already wandering to the next one.  While I have several projects to complete before Christmas, I found this pattern in one of my quilt magazines and decided I just had to make it for our bedroom.
           We have been remodeling our bedroom for the last few months, tearing out old woodwork, painting new woodwork, tearing out part of the carpet to refinish some wood flooring underneath, painting walls, etc.  Right now we are about halfway done and will soon need to go pick out carpet.  The old carpet that is in there now is over twenty years old and is really gross, I don't mind telling you.
              When we built the addition onto our house everyone was telling me what color I should paint our new bedroom and what color of carpet to get.  I was doing a Bible study at the time with three other women and one of them said she thought white walls with gray carpet would be pretty.  I evidently didn't have a brain back then because I went home and told David that is what I wanted.
              Sure, white walls and gray carpet was pretty at first, but after a few years it was boring so I had to paint so I painted.  That color didn't last long 'til I saw a picture of a bedroom in a magazine with dusty pink paint on the walls.  I talked David into pink for our bedroom,really, but I am not real good at picking out colors at times and we ended up with a Pepto-Bismal room.  Think of sleeping in such a ghastly room!  Well, we did for two or three years until one day I was in an antique store and I absolutely loved the color of their walls, a grayish green.  I asked if they could give me a sample and they found a chip of paint for me and off to Lowes we went and got the paint..
              We finally got the color right this time and lived with it for several years, but this year I got the redecorating bug again and we are redoing the whole room
                Thus the new quilt I hope to get made.  It looks like a Granny afghan, but is made with fabric.  Lots of little tiny pieces and about 80 blocks to make for a king-sized bed.  I made a practice block today and it took me one and a half hours.  I hope they all don't take that long.

               This is my first block.  The colors don't show up very well in this picture.  They are much brighter.  Anyway, our room will be a grayish blue, almost slate, but lighter and I love that color with browns so the quilt will have a dark brown background as shown with brighter colored squares. 

                I took some before photos and will try to post them some day along with some after photos.  This blogging takes alot of time so I am not an every day poster.  I still haven't posted our Alaskan trip and written about it.  David reminded me today that in Valdez we saw alot of little black bunnies everywhere.  The lady at a store we were in told us a man had let his rabbits loose several years ago thinking they wouldn't last long in the wild with all the carnivorous animals around, but they have multiplied!   That made me happy to know the little bunnies survived and are flourishing.  They were so cute and all of them black.  Where there's a will, there's a way.  Bye for now.

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