Sunday, October 16, 2011

Moving a chest

        I have a small chest in our bedroom piled high with vintage tablecloths I have collected over the years.  We need to get everything out of our bedroom in order to have the carpet replaced.  David and I were discussing this one day.  Needless to say our conversations get totally off subject sometimes.  Here is how one conversation went a few days ago.

        Me to David, "Where can we put this chest and all the tablecloths?"

       "Well," says David, "If I were a good husband I would build you some new shelves in one of our closets" 

        "You are a good husband," I replied,  but that would be a good idea."

          Looking at the pile of tablecloths I said in exasperation, "We need another room."

         "Here's what we could do," says David. "We could build a huge storage room off our bedroom(which is upstairs)  and you could have a sewing area on one end and downstairs we could put in a new laundry room."

         "That sounds nice," I answered envisioning the new addition, "but if we are going to do any remodeling, I still want that room up in the attic I've always wanted."  Our attic is big, but the only access to it is through a door in the ceiling of our upstairs bathroom.  "How would we get into the attic?"  I asked.

         " We could put in a landing here and build the stairs from it," says David as he shows me his plan.

           I stop to think for a few seconds.  "You know," I said.  "We are the only people I know who can go from moving a chest and some tablecloths out of  a room to building an entire addition and remodeling the attic in a few sentences.  I think our house is big enough for us and I would rather spend what money we have on vacations.

           "Me too," says David.  End of conversation.

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