Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pink? Floyd? Two and other things

  I love pink.  I look at life through rose colored glasses most often although there have been times those glasses have been slightly smudged when things are going badly.  I still believe life is worth all the pain because without pain, we would never know what joy feels like.  I have alot to be joyful for in my life and I center myself on those things rather than the unhappy or bad things going on around me. 

  But this is not  showing you more pink things so here goes.......

   I am working on several quilts right now, but am concentrating on two of them because I really want to get them completed.  The first one is made up of several shades of pink and aqua and the blocks are twenty-four inches so it is going to gether quickly.  I only need to make nine blocks for this one.  This is one of the fabrics I am using.

   This is one of the finished blocks.  I am really loving making this quilt.

  The other quilt I am making has alot of pink in it also.  It has eleven embroidered blocks which will be surrounded by patchwork squares and basket blocks.  Here are a few more of the blocks I have completed embroidering.

  Notice the monogram at the bottom of this one?  KC. Who does that stand for?   Hmmmmmm.

  Love these jars of jams and jellies which is as close as I will ever get to making jars of jams and jellies.

    Love this little cake. 

  Love this cake too, but it's already been eaten so don't ask.

Sorta pink heirloom tomato.  This is one of the last ones.  I really have had alot of tomatoes this year, but I have had about all I can eat.  I know in the middle of the winter I will be wishing I had ones of these juicy morsels.

  I have been painting some things this week.  This is one of the things I have been painting.

  I have been doing a little painting for my daughter and son-in-law in their kitchen.  They are going to have a gorgeous house when they get all their remodeling done.  I would love to live in this house.  It is out in the woods and very private. 
   Bonnie, why are you licking your lips?  Do you smell the soup beans with smoked sausage and turkey cheddar sausage in it?  I know, I have been salivating about that all afternoon.  Gotta go make the cheddar bisquits to go along with it.   Bye.

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