Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Big plans abrewin'

  The next year if all goes as planned,  and we know how plans can be changed at a moments notice, will be very, very busy.  We have alot of plans that involve among other things, raising chickens, getting a new lab puppy, more remodeling, weeks of Bible study, a 45th anniversary, a major trip, a family reunion and a major project that is going to take David and me hours to complete.

    This major project has been growing in my mind ever since I thought of it.  It was a tiny project at first, but it has grown and grown like Topsy until I see me spending many days working on it through the coming year.  I am really excited about it and want to keep it a secret until the big reveal when it is all finished.  I have sworn David to secrecy as I don't want anyone to know what it is until it is completely done.  I haven't been this excited about a project for a long time and I get really excited when I have a project to do.  This is the mother of all projects and if I don't get it done, I will be so disappointed.  It's going to take time, energy, all the imagination within myself and the strength to "get 'er done." 

     I began working on it today and I am so impatient to get more supplies so I can continue working on it.

   Why am I doing all this?  Because I can, but mostly because I love projects, making plans,  seeing those plans come to fruition and enjoying the results. 

    Next year David and I will be celebrating 45 years of marriage.  In this day and age, that is a big accomplishment.  Anyone who makes it this far in a marriage and still loves their spouse is truly blessed, but it takes more than that.  It takes perserverance during the hard times, having a common vision for your lives together, but most important is having a faith in God who can mend all ills when you allow Him to.  David and I have certainly had our ups and downs.  There were and still are days when we could kill each other, but we both know we would be lost without the other.  We both feel the same way about just about everything.  Our faith has gotten us through deaths, family turmoil, breakups of marriages,  sicknesses, teen-agers(and yes, that is one of the biggest stresses on  some families, you who have teens know) and just plain bad days that we wish we never had had to live through.  Yet, I would go through it all again as long as I had David by my side.

   Anyway, we are throwing ourselves a party next summer since nobody else will and we are hoping to have alot of family members here we have not seen in years, cousins, nephews, nieces, great-nephews, great-nieces, brothers, sisters, friends and anyone else who would like to share it with us.  We will be having a pitch-in dinner with family and a party afterward with a cake in the shape of our house and ice cream.   We hope it will be a grand day.

   The day after we plan to take a nice vacation. Where, we haven't decided yet, but it will be somewhere we have never been before and we have been just about everywhere in the United States.

    So we will get the old house ready.  This old house will be 100 years old next year also.  I will be writing about this old house through the year.  What has gone within its walls, the history that has happened since it was built, and all the love that has gone into renovating it to make it a comfortable home for our family and now just for David and me.   We will be celebrating its birthday also, thus the house cake.  I have a friend who has made every cake for every special occasion through the years for our family so I am hoping she can make the cake I have envisioned.  I know she can.

   No pictures today.  I just had alot to say.  I really am excited about this project.  I will show you bits and pieces of it during the year, but you won't see the whole until it is finished.  The project is being done to celebrate this old house and its 100 years and to make it ready for the next 100 years.

   Here's to projects, things to look forward to, and long marriages.  Bye.

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