Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pink? Floyd?

  My favorite color has always been pink.  I use to dress my daughter in pink until one day she told me she didn't like pink.  It crushed me.  She refused to wear pink and I don't think I have seen her in anything pink since she was very little. 

  Well, I still love pink and even though I don't wear alot of pink either, I have alot of pink around me.    Even though the garden is winding down to fall, it still has lots of pink flowers.  Here are a few.

         Pink hibiscus.   I have lots of these right now.

            Pink impatiens.  I am amazed they lived through the drought.  They need soooo much water and sometimes I would forget to water them for a day or two and they would look like they were dead.  They are doing great now with the cool nights and the rains we have had.

    Pink phlox.  Sometimes I even forget I have phlox and then suddenly they make an appearance and surprise me. 

  Pink sweet peas.  Wow, my pictures are so clear and crisp.  I am going to have to start taking pictures for National Geographic!

  Pink Cleome.  An old fashioned flower that I very seldom have to sow.  It is self-sowing and comes up every year.  It usually comes up near the pool and David does not like flowers too near his pool so sometimes I have to transplant them somewhere else because they do not know any better.  I absolutely love them.  I had some that crossed with another flower and were a pale lavender.  Usually they are just pink.  I think next year I will get some new seed to cross with the old ones. 

   Isn't this pink-tipped rose lovely?  The plant is in the back of my garden and for some reason I am always caught by surprise when this one blooms.  I just happened to walk back there to look at tomatoes and there was this beautiful rose just waiting for someone to notice.  It is so fragrant and the yellow and pink together is just wonderful.  I don't really like to grow roses because I don't like spraying and having to pay too much attention to a plant.  I planted two climbing roses and the poor things sometimes look really pitiful when all their leaves fall off because they have rust or mites, but they still produce roses every year.  David says that next year he will spray them  He likes to spray things with poisons and stuff.  I'm more the organic type. Plant, water and wait.  That's my idea of gardening.

    Pink Gerbera Daisy.  This is becoming one of my favorite flowers.  I over- wintered two of these and they have rewarded me with flower after flower.  They came out with these pink ones and I just love them.  If you can grow but one flower in a pot, get one of these and it will not disappoint.

  Pink zinnias.  I love them.  Just throw some seed in the ground and with a little water you have a nice showing of  flowers.  I have ordered these seeds by the pound from Wildseed Farms from Texas and I think next year I will again because I like alot of these so I can pick them and bring them into the house to enjoy.  Wildseed Farms sells all kind of flowers that you can order by the pound and they are alot cheaper than buying those little seed packets in the stores.  You get tons of seeds in a one pound bag.  Okay, that isn't right.  A one pound bag cannot hold a ton, but you do get tons of  flowers, it seems.

   My six foot pink flamigo holding a pot of pink geraniums.   Yes, I do have a six foot pink flamingo in my front yard. 

  Pink tongue.  Yes, Bonnie, you are a sweetie and I love you to pieces.  I was wondering how I could fit you into my pink blog and you did just great.  Will continue my pink blog next time, but it won't be flowers.  Have a pink glowing day. Bye.

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