Saturday, September 8, 2012

Come Autumn

  I don't know about you, but I feel like we have had an endless Summer.  It started in April after that one week of Spring, remember that week?  The days were cool and breezy and you felt alive and ready to spend all your time outdoors.  Everything was green and then.....HOT started to happen.  No in between days of cooler temps and rainy days.  Nope, just hot take your breath away hot, plant withering hot, run your air conditioner on high.  That kind of hot.  Days spent running up your water bill watering all the plants you planted and the garden you had so much hope for hot.  Wishing you could take a long walk, but know if you try you will be a wilted piece of lettuce before you walk a mile hot.

   I use to love hot weather.  The hotter the better.  I would baste myself with suntan lotion and lay out in the sun for hours turning my skin into a piece of leather by the end of summer.  Everyone said what a beautiful tan I had.  Now when I look at the wrinkles I think, "You were so dumb."    I do not like to spend alot of time in the sun except to garden and when it is hot I don't do much of that. 

   Now Autumn weather is upon us.  The garden knows it.  It is picking up steam again and bursting with bloom and vegetables.

This is a cucumber plant that I thought had died a couple of times.  Now with a couple of showers it is going wild, growing over our chairs and up a bush beside the deck.  David has picked several cucumbers from it.  Remember the giant one I wrote about?  He found another one just as big the other day.  He can't eat them fast enough so I made a brine out of vinegar, sugar, dill, garlic salt and salt and cut up some cucumbers in it and let them swim in it for a while and they taste pretty good.  I usually don't eat many cucumbers.

  When I planted tomato plants this spring I thought I only planted a couple of cherry tomato plants.  Turns out I have several scattered around the yard and right now at this minute they are going crazy.  I have hundreds of these hanging on the vine.
  With many more ready to ripen, I really don't know what to do.  And I just know these are going to reseed themselves and I am going to have thousands of these plants in my garden and yard next year.  Sounds a little scary.  Kind of Little Shop of Horrors scary. 
  The Autumn Joy sedum is blooming now.  Good thing since it's Autumn Joy.  The bees absolutely love it.  I haven't seen so many bees in years.  They were swarming this plant and I was afraid I might get stung, but they were too interested in gathering nectar to pay attention to me.  Find the bees in this picture.

  Mr. Bumble Bee likes it too.  My mother sang a song to my brother and me when we were little about the bumble bee.   Buzz, buzz, Mr. Bumble Bee, Sing a song for you and me, In your coat of black and yellow, you make quite a fancy fellow.   I always think of that when I see a bumble bee.

  Is that Miss Bonnie eating plants in my garden?  Naughty pup.

  And proud of it, aren't you girl?  You are so cute.  You can get away with anything.

  Meanwhile,  in my shop I completed all the twenty-four inch blocks for this quilt.  I love the colors and how easily this went together.  I don't know why I keep starting new projects when I have so many I need to finish. 
  This may or may not have something to do with the big project I am working on.  I just love these little jars of paint you can buy at Lowes in any color you want and they are only three dollars.  Since I have discovered these I am collecting alot of different colors because I am always painting something and these are just the right size for most of my projects.  
   One last thing.  My grandson, Tristan made me and his other grandmother necklaces.  He thought of it all by himself and made them for us.  Thought that was really nice for a four year old. 
  Here's mine.  I think it's really pretty.  I am proud to wear it.
  Here's to Autumn, cooler weather and creative grandsons.  Bye.

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