Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Raising the Coop

   Things have been happening around here.  David and I have been trying to paint the house ourselves, but we are learning our bodies won't always cooperate with what we think we can do.  I don't like getting too high up on a ladder anyway and I really don't like David to get up on one.  I have seen him fall off a roof and fall off a ladder and I don't want to see it again.

    Therefore, we decided to hire someone to paint the front of the house for us.  A young, vigorous man who can run up and down a ladder like a monkey.  I can't wait to see it get done.  This old house has been painted several times since we have lived here, but we usually paint it the same colors, a chocolate brown and an evergreen green for the trim.  Someone once asked us if we were trying to make our house look like a cabin and I took that as a compliment as that is exactly my aim.  If I can't live in a cabin, my house can still look sort of like one. 

   Anyway this old house is getting a facelift.  I've been painting the shutters and the trim I can reach.  I really love to paint and wish I could reach the whole house, but I know my limitations.

   Another thing we are doing is building a chicken coop.  Next spring when Rural King brings out the baby chicks we will go and pick out five of them and bring them home to their new luxurious home.  David is building this coop like it is for the richest chicks in the world.   I figure we will be paying about five dollars per egg when the chickens start laying if we factor in the building materials and food.  But, hey, they will be fresh eggs and if you have never had a really fresh egg from free range chickens, you really haven't had an egg.  The eggs in the store have such pale yolks.  I remember the eggs on the farm and the yolks were always a bright orange. 

  First David laid the foundation and put chicken wire under the floor so critters could not come up from underneath and get the chickens.


      Next he added the floor and started framing the coop.  See that brown dog in the foreground?   She has been keeping a close eye on the building going up in her neighborhood.   .

   "This looks like a mighty fine doghouse," says Belle to herself. 

  "Is this for me?" thinks Bonnie.  Uh, Oh, I smell trouble a brewin'.

  "It's my house."  "No, it's my house."  Girls, this coop is not for dogs.  Your new neighbors are going to be chickens.

  "Did you say, chickens?"  said the big bad wolf?  I've got some "splainin' to do.

   Okay, Bonnie and Belle, you are getting new neighbors next year. Chickens.  They are not for you to eat or chase.  You will be nice to them and protect them from critters.  Understand???

  "Okay, Mom.  I'll be the best chicken protector you have ever seen."

  Meanwhile David and I have been scavenging antique stores for a door and a window for the coop.  We found this one at Vic's.  It has really neat old hardware.  I have already sanded it and painted it and will show it to you later.  It turned out really well.

  Found this window where Yellow Brick Road use to be which is now a flea market.  David taped it for me and I have already sanded it and painted it.  Will show you it when it is placed in the coop.

   A chicken coop needs ventilation and we found this punched tin star at Yellow Brick Road also.  I have painted it and it will go in the side of the coop.  Can't wait to show you the finished project.  It's going to be so cute, I am begining to rethink using it for chickens. Not really.

  I have been thinking about names for my chickens as all my pets have to have names.  I want to use Biblical names and have Dorcas and Tabitha already picked.  Maybe I will have a contest to name my chickens and give away a dozen eggs when they start laying for a prize. 

   Hope you all have a wonderful day.  Cluck-cluck.  Bye.

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