Tuesday, October 2, 2012

An Old Man and the Sea

  I love being around water. Any water. The ocean, a lake, a pond, a pool.   Doesn't matter I just like water.  This past Sunday we spent an entire afternoon on Lake Monroe with some of my favorite people, my daughter, son-in-law and two youngest grandsons. 

   We went to church Sunday morning and then we packed a lunch and off to the the lake we went. 

   With the worthy captain at the helm we were off.  The sky was blue, the water shining in the sun and the landscape along the coast was beautiful.

  With the wind in our hair, we sped across the lake looking for a good place to stop and eat our lunch. Being out in the sharp autumn air made for strong appetites.  In other words, I was starving before we finally stopped to eat.  Being out in the fresh air always makes me hungry.  How about you?

     Did I say the sky was blue?  It was for most of the day.  It seems the sky is a more brilliant blue in the Autumn when you contrast it with this....

   the beautiful Autumn foliage.  Lots of reds and oranges along with trees that were still a bright green. 

     We passed John Mellecamp's beautiful home up in the wooded hills.

  "Feed me," said the Old Man and so we ate ham salad and egg salad sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies and fruit bar cookies and apples and chips and pretzels.  It all tasted better than any seven course dinner you can eat at the finest restaurant.  Not that I have ever eaten a seven course dinner at a fine restaurant.  Wait, I did once in Washington D.C. and the food was so sparse they practically starved us Hoosiers until we told them where we were from and they brought us more food.  True story. It seems the manager was from Indiana and understood our plight.

    Little boys and boats and water and fishing go together well.  My grandsons know their way around a boat and know how to bait a hook.  They were especially engrossed with the minnows in a pail on the boat.  They kept getting them out and showing them to us. 

     Alas, the day had to come to an end and it was back home for us.   We made a short stop at our daughter's house to see the new pymy goats that have joined their menagerie.  They are so cute and will eat just about anything. 

       I will leave you with a picture of  Bonnie, our black lab.  Labs are very social dogs and our dogs stay around us and as close to us as they can.  When we are outdoors, that is easy, but when we are inside and they are outside they have to find other ways to get as close to us as they can.  This is Bonnie laying as close as she can without being in the house.

  When Bonnie lays on the deck she always has her paws on the side of the house or on the screen in the door.  Guess she feels our vibes that way.  Just love her. 

   Hope you get to enjoy this beautiful season.  This one will only come once in your lifetime so don't let it pass you by.  Bye.

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