Friday, October 26, 2012

Meet My Other Sisters


  Davie and I have been having so much fun on our vacation. We took the photography class where they said your subjects should always look into the sun when taking a picture.That is why we are both squinting.  Lovely picture, don't you think?  Oh, well.  I have to introduce you to my two sisters I visited while .in Tennessee

   This is my sister Imelda.  She and I decided to dress in purple on this particular day.  She's my "hippie" sister who left home to join a commune back in the sixties.  She sure has remained young looking.  We had a nice long conversation until I told her she needed to use a little extra hair conditioner on her hair since it was beginning to look like straw.  She became very offended and stalked off.  I won't be seeing her again for a while.

   This is my twin, Belinda who refuses to color her hair.  She likes to go au natural and won't let any beautitian dye a strand.  Funny, she wore purple that day also.  She and Imelda don't get along very well.  She's a spinster who lives in the mountains and runs a still, but don't let her know I told you that,  I drank her moonshine one time and I couldn't sleep for a week.  Probably won't be seeing her very soon either as she is planning to move to Antarctica to study plantlife there.  Sad, she doesn't know there is no plantlife there, or is there?

     This is my new friend Maggie, or was it Marge?   I don't know what she is looking at unless she thinks those pigeons on the roof are going to start bombing us.  Anyway, she helped run a little museum in a little town we passed through in Tennessee.  She knew so much about the history of the area.  At one time this town had had many mills where they made socks, blankets and other things.  The last one closed just a few years ago.  She told us so many interesting stories.  You know those loops you use to make those old fashion potholders? They use to be the end cuts of socks.  We bonded and she said "Come back again."  I probably won't be getting by this way again, but Marge, or Maggie will always be my friend. 

   Here's Dave in front of a dazzling creek running through the Smoky Mountains.  It did shine like this.  Love the Smokies.  Gatlinburg, not so much.  Too many people and too much traffic.  We were glad to get out of there.   I'm a country girl and like wide open spaces. 

   I'm looking forward to seeing two of my favorite friends soon.  I hope they haven't stirred up any more skunks.  Bye.


Carol Ratcliffe said...

I really enjoyed this, Kate!!

Jason Craig said...

Santa? I'm pretty sure you have captured pictures of Santa. I just cleaned my chimney. He can visit before Christmas if he wants.

Kate said...

Just realized I spelled beautician wrong. I spelled it several different way and it looked right to me. Oh well, glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed writing it.

Kate said...

Don't know what you mean, but hope Santa doesn't leave you a lump of coal.

Kate said...

My "oops" moment. I thought I was posting pictures of both Bonnie and Belle, but they both are of Belle. They look so much alike except for fur color. Don't tell Bonnie she was not in this post.