Friday, October 19, 2012

There She Goes!

  I was going to write about smells today, but something has happened so I will write about smells another day.  Two weeks ago David said we needed to have a tree cut down in the dog pen by the fence as it was rotted out.  So I called Frank's Tree Service and Frank came out and said he could do it in a few day.  Two weeks went by.  Yesterday we had alot of wind.  David comes home and says, "I see the tree was cut down today."  I said, "What! I didn't hear any saws going, They couldn't have cut it down without me hearing them."  Oh, oh.  We went out back and low and behold, the tree had fallen down. 

   Let me give you some background on this story.  Our neighbor, Norm, behind us has had a big tree come down in his front yard and a tree come down in his side yard that fell on his truck. Well, guess where our tree fell?  On his garage.  Yes.  Sounds horrible, but the tree got caught in a big pine he has on his property and did very little damage.   David got on the roof of Norm's garage and cut out a bunch of the smaller limbs to take the weight off the tree. 

   My job was to pile up the branches as David cut them off.  This is one pile.  Love doing this kind of work.  We use to go to Camp Atterbury years ago and cut wood for burning in our stove and it was wonderful being out in the crisp Fall air in the woods and piling wood into the old truck to keep our house warm in the winter.

  I called Frank's last night and they were here early this morning with their expert crew to cut the tree off the garage.  It was not an easy job as the tree could fall on the garage or take out our fence(several of the boards were already broken) or fall down on the doghouse or the new chicken condo.   Not the new chicken condo!!!!!!!!  We haven't even gotten chickens yet.

  They finally got it off the garage but were still trying to keep it from damaging more of the fence.  See Frank, how strong he is holding that big tree trunk all by himself?  They had several boards holding it up.

 Miss Belle Grumpy Paws was in a snit because we had her and Bonnie fenced off from all the action.  Sorry, but you gotta do what you gotta do. 

  The tree was finally down and the wood stacked and we were hungry.  We hadn't had breakfast yet so David got out the griddle and went to work.

  A real lumberjack's breakfast.  Yum. 


  Here's to mighty trees. May no more of them fall on Norm.  Bye. 

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