Monday, October 8, 2012

Don't you love it?

  Sometimes things happen in the most serendipitous ways.  A ho-hum day can become suddenly thrilling.  A boring afternoon can turn into a once in a lifetime experience. Don't you love it when that happens?

   I lead a pretty average life.  I can't take too much excitement at one time or I will go bonkers.In fact, I had a disease when I was younger and lost the sight out of my left eye and my doctor told me I would need to try to live a stress free life.  How does one do that?  Just living causes stress at times, but I do try to stay away from stressful things.  I like quiet and peace and having time to do my own thing, but, yet, I like people around me and laughing and kidding and even some hair raising things to happen sometime.  Not that that many hair raising things happen to me, thank goodness but I have had a few.

  I hope my grandkids aren't reading this now as they already feel a  little scared about staying in our house.  I really don't know why. It's an old creaky house so perhaps that is why. My youngest grandson told his mom after an overnight stay at our house that he didn't like that bad man who lived there.  Since my husband is the only man who lives here and my grandson loves him, I could not understand who he meant, but I have had some odd experiences in our house.

   There was the time when I had gone to bed I heard my husband come upstairs, open our squeaky bedroom door and walk across the room.  I laid there with my eyes closed as I was about to go to sleep and kept waiting for him to get into bed and he never did.  Finally, I got up and went out to the stair  landing and saw the lights were still on downstairs and I called to David.  He answered and I asked him why he went back downstairs.  David said, " I was never upstairs."  Okay, that set the hair on the back of my neck standing up.

  There was the time when my daughter was young that she woke the whole household up screaming that there was a man in her room.  David and I jumped out of bed and ran to her room and turned on all the lights and looked everywhere. My Mom and Dad were staying here and were sleeping downstairs and heard the commotion and asked what was going on.  My daughter had a fever so we thought maybe she had been imagining things.  We stayed in her room until she went back to sleep.  Now she tells us she was having a scary dreaam about bugs that night. Hmmmmm. Could my grandson have experienced something like she did?

   Then there was the time soon after my father passed away, I was once again in bed.  Someone who I thought was David came into the room.  I saw only  a shadow.  This person stood over me and I felt the greatest love toward me at that very moment.  Then he disappeared. I have always thought that it was my Dad coming to tell me good-bye.  My mother had a similar experience when my grandfather died and she said he came to the foot of her bed and touched her foot. 

   I won't even tell you about the ghost cat I have seen numerous times.  I don't believe in ghosts, but something weird happens occasionally in this house.  I have never really felt afraid, but I do wonder at times.  Since this house is almost one hundred years old, alot has happened in it and who knows what could be going on.

   Anyway, that is not what I started to write about.  Not at all.  I was talking about things that happen to us when we least expect it and makes our days happier and more exciting at times.  This weekend was one of them

   We are babysitting our daughter's pygmy goats for a few days and it entails a half hour drive to their house.  I really was looking forward to it because I just love farm animals as I am a farmers' daughter at heart.  Lightning Bolt and Jessie are so cute.  I will have to post some pictures of them. I meant to take the camera today, but forgot.  They stand up on their hind feet and put their front feet on my legs and beg for food.    I want a pygmy goat, but we live where it isn't possible.  We fed and watered them and let them out of their pen to eat on the weeds and trees around there.  They seem to especially love sumac.  I took them an apple cut up and they sniffed it and turned their noses up at it so the dog ate it!  Just enjoyed being at my daughter's house as they live in Brown County and right now the trees are so beautiful.

  After we got done we drove home and on the way we passed a little fall festival along 46 where they were making sorghum, had ponies to ride, had every kind of pumpkin imagineable to buy, there were mums and soup beans and crafts  and wonderful smells and everyone was having a good time.   I had not thought about stopping there when we passed it, but David steered the car in.  I picked out three mums and David said, "Is there anything else you want?"  and I said, "A pumpkin,' and he said, "Now you're just getting greedy!" and we both laughed and I picked out a pumpkin.  Have you seen the peanut pumpkin that looks like it has peanuts all over it?  I didn't get one, but it is really weird looking.  That is what I mean by something serendipitous happening.  You could be just driving down the highway and come across a festival and it makes your day much more fun.  I love things like that. When David and I travel, we have more than once come upon a celebration of some sort in a little town and joined in and it has always been some of the best times of our vacations. We even saw Ronald Reagan in New Orleans because we just happened to be walking on the route he was on.

   Look for the unplanned happiness in your life.  There really is alot to be happy about when you start looking.   A grandchild's hug, a dog's lick, a pygmy goat's baaa, a tree blazing red in the Autumn sunshine, a festival, seeing your favorite president.  Here's to serendipity.  Bye.

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