Thursday, October 25, 2012

     Being on the Appalachian Quilt Trail has been so much fun.  If you like quilts, fabric, antiques, good home cookin', southern manners, beautiful scenery and some excitement, you really should try to do this one day.  Except for the excitement. 

   The second day out we were in the small town of Scottsville.  We knew we were going to like it as soon as we came into  town.  Every store had scarecrows and Halloween decorations in front of them.  The scarecrows were really creative.

  There was the red elephant,

  a ghoul coming out of a television,

  a cook grilling fingers, eyeballs and intestines,

    a flying saucer that was sucking people up with that green hose.  I didn't get the picture of that.

   There was a mechanic getting the "bugs" out of a car.


  There was Jesus casting the old devil into hell.  Halleluhah!   There were so many more, but I have other things to show you.

      Our trip was really planned around quilt blocks that were on barns, houses, the sides of stores and just about anywhere. 

  We barely scratched the surface as there are supposed to be over seven hundred quilt blocks.

   There was a park where I walked where they had quilt blocks displayed like this along the walk.


 There were almost as many in Kentucky as there were in Tennessee.  I have so many pictures, and this is just a few.  
  We saw Abraham Lincoln's boyhood home.  There is a creek in back of this cabin where it is told Abe almost drowned.  How history would have been changed if he had.

  There were so many houses like this out in the country left abandoned never to have a family to laugh or cry or celebrate in them again. So sad.  I wondered what made the people just up and leave and no one moved in in their place.

The Fall colors were at their zenith.
  The scenery was beautiful.  We live in a wonderful country and I have not been in a state that didn't have some beauty.  Well, except Kansas unless you like wheat fields for hundreds of miles.  Some think that is beautiful and it does provide food for people.
    Now I told you there was some excitement.  In Scottsville, while David was in an antique shop, I ran next door  to the Dollar General to buy a journal to write in.  I was sauntering through the aisles looking at this and that when a man came along and turned to a clerk who was standing nearby and started to say something to her and he fell down flat faced right in front of me.  He just lay there and I reaced down and rubbed his back and didn't feel any breathing.  I told the girl to call 911.  Suddenly he started coughing and said, "Pamela" and tried to get up.  I told him to stay down and rubbed his back until Pamela came.  I don't know if she was his wife or what, but she acted nonchalant about the whole thing and said he does this all the time.  Well, he scared the c%$@ out of me!   Later I saw them in the store and he looked really wobbly and I asked him if he was alright and he said yes. My heart didn't stop beating fast for quite a while.  The only thing I was thinking when it happened was, "I wish I was a nurse or doctor."    I just hoped I did the right thing rubbing his back and talking to him. 
   Glad the rest of the trip has been relatively peaceful.
  Here's to falling leaves, quilt blocks, and time with your favorite person.  Bye.
 Oh, I will have to show you a picture of my sister Imelda.   I will later.  And my new friend. 

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