Friday, September 14, 2012

Witches and pumpkins and a big fat toad

   Whoops, didn't mean to scare you right off the bat. My blog today is about decorating for Autumn.  Doesn't this little guy just scream Autumn to you?  He doesn't?  Well, he's part of my decor so get use to him.

   I love Autumn and I especially like decorating for the season.  Our old house looks its best in the Fall when the leaves are brilliant colors and the light seems golden.  The rooms seem to glow and I begin to get the nesting fever.  I love the colors of Autumn, the browns, golds, yellows and oranges set off by a brilliant blue Autumn sky.   I love the cooler temps and having to wear long sleeve shirts and jeans once again.


     Once the calendar changes to September I start getting all the Autumn decorations out. I begin with a candle that makes me think of baking and cold evenings eating a nice hot meal.  I got this candle in Cambridge City at the Log Cabin and I love the way it smells.  You don't even have to light it to smell it in a room. 

   Next I throw some Autumn pillows on the sofa and a quilt on the back.

  A table runner and a box I painted with some little pumpkins and votive candles inside.  I tried selling this box at a yard sale a few years back.  Glad it didn't sell.  I use it every year.

  A few pumpkins and some of my Halloween figures on the mantle. 

  Love this little witch and the book just suits her to a T.

  Jack Pumkinhead.  I read this book when I was a little girl.  Part of the Oz books that I collect.


    A Fall themed quilt or two on the walls and I am almost done.

   What's a rabbit doing on the mantle with the Halloween figures, you may ask?  Or you might not.

      He's dressing up for Halloween as Uncle Sam, you see.  Here's his mask.  So of course he fits right in with the decor.

 As the days grow cooler, I bake even more than usual.  Today I made a strawberry rhubarb pie.  Got the rhubarb from Appleworks orchard if you live around here.  Wasn't too expensive and if you add strawberries, there was enough rhubarb to make two pies.  I made one and froze the rest of the filling for another day.  Had to bake this for almost two hours to get the rhubarb done, though.

    Back to the toad.  I got him for a Christmas present one year.  I asked for him.  I think he is so cute and he sits in our livingroom all the time.  David says he feels like he is watching him.  I have never kissed him because I already have my handsome prince, but if you would like to come on over,  maybe he will bring you the man of your dreams!.   

   Here's to patriotic rabbits, pies and big-eyed toads.  Bye.

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