Sunday, January 13, 2013

Colorful Crafting and an Old Hobby revisited

  This may or may not have something to do with my big, fat project.  I love painting with acrylics.  I have painted signs, birdhouses, and pictures with them.  I just bought these and can't wait to start using them. 

  This is a few of my paints and paintbrushes.  I hyper-ventilate when I go into Walmart, Lowes or Hobby Lobby and see paint.  I am always checking paint chips and thinking about painting something. This passion includes painting walls. I have painted the walls in our house three or four or more times since we moved here.

  David tries to steer me away from the paint section at Lowes because he knows I start thinking of painting a room whenever I go there.  David says we have so much paint on the walls we don't need insulation. 

  Anyway, I have been painting continuously the last few weeks and there is no end in sight.  That's as far as I am going because if I keep typing about it I will give away my big, fat project because I have a hard time keeping secrets as my family well knows.

  Before Christmas I was in JoAnn's in Greenwood supposedly buying fabric to make pajamas for my grandchildren.  I went by the magazine section and saw this wonderful knitting book. 


I asked myself......

 Do you want to see some of the glorious knit projects in this magazine?  Honestly, they are so beautiful and so feminine and loverly, and, and, and.... Oh, let's just look.

  Oh, my, I could see myself wearing this in the Spring over a pretty, lacy outfit.

  Could I knit this?  Don't think so. At least not right now.

  Just so lovely.  I think just about any woman would look good in this. 

  Cute little military style sweater. 

 Oh, I want to get good enough at knitting that I could make this hat.  I love it.  I love hats, but very seldom wear them except when I walk the dogs.  I know the dogs won't judge me on how I look in them so maybe that is why.  I think this would be cute, though.

  I see in my mind just about everyone in Great Britain wearing sweaters like this. If you are from Great Britain and reading this, I just wonder if you all have this incredible style that I always see from movies and pictures about Britain.  I imagine you all do.  From many of the blogs I read from you ladies in Great Britain, you have great taste in clothes.

  Now this I might manage to learn to knit.  I would absolutely wear this.  I love, love, love it.  So feminine. 

  Buying this book has wetted my appetite to start knitting again.  Many years ago when Christopher Columbus was sailing the ocean blue, I learned to knit.  My mother and I took classes and learned to knit a cardigan sweater with cables down the front.  I don't think my mother ever got hers done, but I did all but the buttons and I wore that sweater without the buttons for a long time.  I loved it. 

  When I started having children I so wanted to knit them cute little outfits.  I knit my oldest son a cable knit sweater that I still have.  Then I went on to knit him pants and a matching top and I learned to change colors on that.  Then I lost interest for a while until I had a baby girl and I knit her a sweater, cap and booties.  I started another sweater for her, but never finished it.  I've got a lot of those. Unfinished projects, I mean. 

  I started an afghan of many blocks knitted in different stitches.  I wrote about it a while back.  It's still not finished either.  I put away my knitting needles for many years and picked up needle and thread and fabric and began making quilts.  That has been my main hobby for years.

  Then I purchased this knitting book and I knew I was going to have to start knitting again.  Two skeins of yarn jumped into my cart all by themselves the other day at Walmart and I came home and began knitting a scarf.  I had to go online and relearn how to cast on, but once I got that I was off to the races.

The yarn is amazingly like those socks in the Jane Austen book.  I am just doing a straight knitting scarf.  This yarn is variegated and I am liking how the colors change as I knit.  I find it rather relaxing to sit and knit.  I don't like to just sit  and watch television.  Have to have something to do with my hands besides eat, so this is nice for me.

  This book also had several articles in it about Jane Austen, the clothes worn during that period and the hobbies women in Jane Austen's time would have engaged in. It's a really wonderful book.  Well worth what I have invested in it.  Really, if I could, I would love to have lived back in those gentler times when women dressed so femininely.

 The  Bennett family in Pride and Prejudice.  Don't all the girls look so pretty? Insert myself in the picture right by the sister on the sofa.  Bye. 

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Hen said...

Crikey, I'm not sure we Brits do look so great! I love the peachy pink cape the best.
Hen x