Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tweaking the blog

 I have been doing some experimenting with my blog.  Let me first explain I am completely dense about things like this. I have lost pictures and now I have lost my title.  I will find it.  It's out there in blogland somewhere.  I like the new background and color, but that darn title. Where are you? 

  Since I don't have my title, Snickelfritz, back up yet, I will tell you why I chose that name for my blog. When I was a little girl, I liked following my daddy around on the farm.  I was just a little pest at times. I loved riding the old tractor with him and going out in the wagon to the corn field where the corn picker would throw corn at me in the wagon. That would probably be considered child abuse now, but I loved dodging those ears of corn.  It was fun!  He taught me how to feed the baby calves with the calf bucket.  He showed me how to take care of the baby chicks.

  On Saturdays that he would kill a chicken for Sunday dinner, I was right there watching it all from the head getting chopped off, to the chicken running around with its head off.  Then I would help daddy pull the feathers off and we would take the naked chicken into mom and she would cut it up.  Sunday we had the best fried chicken in the world.  To this day I have never tasted as good fried chicken anywhere.

   My daddy was a very busy man.  He farmed our little farm and had a job in a factory in the city. He kept a huge garden that fed us all year.  He didn't have time to play with us much, but when he did, it was extra special.  I loved when he would play basketball with my brothers in the haymow.  Daddy played basketball in high school and he must have been a good player.  All my brothers were on the basketball team at our school.

  When the baby chicks would come in the Spring, I loved going with daddy to pick them up.  I would ride in the front seat with him.  Just think.  A little girl riding in the front seat of a car with NO SEAT BELT.  The little chicks would be cheeping all the way home and I couldn't wait to get them out and hold them.  We had a brooder house where we would put them. They would live there until they got their feathers.  There was a heat lamp hung from the ceiling in the center of the brooder house  under which the chicks would stay to keep warm.  I got to water them and feed them every day.  I loved it.  I guess that is why I am so excited that we are going to get some chicks this Spring. 

  I was always asking daddy questions. He never talked much, but he was very patient with me.  His favorite name for me was Snickelfritz.  "Hi, Snickelfritz," he would say.  When he would come in from working in the barn he would say, " Are you being a good girl, Snickelfritz?"  Of course I was.  I looked up the meaning of the word Snickelfritz not long ago and and found out it meant a mischievous child. Hmmm.

  I'm sure daddy meant it endearingly.  Of course he did.  I think.  Maybe. 

  Anyway, that is why I named my blog Snickelfritz. Bye.



Nan said...

You need more visitors here so it doesn't feel like you are writing to yourself here. Thanks for visiting my blog and making a comment. I sure love those pillowcase combinations you come up with. My sewing students learn to make those using fabrics from my stash.I'm trying to figure out where you are located as it doesn't say. I'm Retired in Alaska.

Kate said...

I get lots of visitors, they just don't leave a comment. I would love to hear from more people. I just found your blog. I would like to retire to Alaska, but my husband isn't too keen on the idea although he really liked our trip there a couple of years ago. Thanks for the comment. Maybe it will "prime" the pump.