Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One Day, Two states

  While it seems we were in Montana days ago, it was just this morning  we left our motel in Livingston, north of Yellowstone and headed on on our journey to Alaska.  It was cool  out this morning when we stepped out the door.  How wonderful.  We traveled a while before we stopped for brunch.  Had an omelette with mushrooms and tomatoes, hash browns and a big blueberry muffin.  Yum.  Of  all the meals you eat in a day, I love breakfast the best, especially if something sweet is involved. 
   Coming on the interstate we saw what we first thought were two bicyclists, but instead it was one on a bicycle and one on a unicycle!  The wheel  on the unicycle was unusually large.  Almost a circus act acturally.
    We were determined to get to Washington state today and we made it.  We did take a small detour through a little town we saw off the interstate and looked through one antique shop.  You know we cannot go very long without doing that.  Tomorrow we are taking all back roads to Bellingham.  We are tired of interstate.  We have managed to do a little touristy stuff along the way.  Went to Devil's Tower.  It always amazes me to see it off in the distance as we travel toward it.  One big rock sticking out of the ground nothing at all like the mountains around it.  We also stopped at Wall Drug and walked around to see all the strange and wonderful things they have there.  To finish the day yesterday, we went to Little Bighorn where Custer's last stand happened.  An Indian ranger gave a very interesting talk about the battle from both the Indians' and the soldiers' point of view.  It is a sad, but awesome place.  The lives that were lost there that day did not have to happen.  The soldiers had one shooter rifles and had had their bayonets taken from them earlier by their superiors because they rattled as they rode and would have warned the Indians they were coming.  They were put into battle with their hands literally tied behind their back.  The first people to be killed in the battle were women and children out picking wild turnips.  I learned alot I had not heard before and found it very informative. 
    Now we are in our motel for the night.  It is really a nice one, almost luxury by our standards.  They had a hospitality room where you could get two free drinks and make tacos or have chips and cheese and other munchies.  Good night and will write again soon.

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