Monday, July 25, 2011


  I accidently sent my last post to my husband's, who shall not be named, blog.  So here I am back to tell you about our wonderful day.  We started out early with breakfast at our motel and traveled to Wall Drug.  The first time we were ever there, my mom and dad were with us.  How I wish they could have been with us today.  We spent some fun time there.  If you are ever in Wyoming, Wall Drug is a must see especially if you have kids.  There is lots for them to do.
   Driving further, we realized we were within driving distance of Devil's Tower.  We camped below the tower once and there was an amazing lightening storm on top of it that I watched from our camper.  It was so hot today, we didn't attempt to walk around it, but took lots of pictures which will be put on our facebook pages. When we got to Sheridan, the streets were torn up to our motel, so we had to take back alleys to get to it, but finally found it.  Drove downtown and looked at the shops and ate dinner.  I found a pair of cowgirl boots I would love to have.  If  I have any money after we get back from Alaska, I just may buy them when we pass through again.  Anyway, back at the motel, we went to the pool and got in the hot tub.  There was this family of five who all got out of the pool and joined us which made me kind of uncomfortable as we were pretty crowded.  We tried to swim in the pool, but it was too cold( this is beginning to sound like Goldilocks and the Three Bears.)  One of the women got out of the hot tub and came over to talk.  I think she thought they ran us out.  I started talking to her and she told me they were from France and were heading to Colorado and New Mexico.  She said something about Maine, but we didn't understand her.  She was very nice.
    Tomorrow we are heading to Bozeman, but we are going to take it slow.  Having a GREAT time.

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