Monday, March 5, 2012

My birthday weekend

  Before I talk about my weekend I want to show you a picture of a new quilter with her first quilt.

   This is my friend, Shannon, who just completed her first quilt.  It is a blanket for her daughter's dog and it is so cute.

It has little owls on each block.  The material she picked was canvas and a soft fluffy minky type fabric.  Two fabrics you would not think would go together, but it turned out great.

  Shannon has already pieced another quilt top and is onto a third.  She is rapidly becoming a fabric and quilt addict.  

  Friday we started my birthday celebration by going to southern Indiana to a quilt shop I had discovered and to do some antiqueing.  Maybe not a good idea considering tornadoes were going through that area, but, thankfully, we were out of the direct route of them.  We found some really good antique stores with good prices.   I got this large white enamel pitcher for a song.  It is in almost perfect shape and will look good with a large bouquet of flowers in it.

  I found this bunny tree and I just fell in love with it.  I have a small collection of Easter bunnies and this is a nice addition.  Little bunnies, chicks and Easter eggs hang from the branches and the bunny family in the front with its basket of carrots is adorable.  I'm a sucker for cute.

  Got this vintage tablecloth at the same store and it came home to be added to my collection.  I use all my tableclothes and have them for all seasons. 

  We went to a fabric shop called Persnickety's, but I wasn't persnickety about buying fabric.  It had so many fabrics I loved and it was hard to choose.  I bought several fat quarters and a few fat eighths. 

  Mary Engelbreit always has the cutest, bright fabrics.  This one will go into a quilt I am working on right now.

  This is some wool felt I got.  I like making penny rugs and brooches out of it.

  I bought five yards of white muslim because I am always using it. 

  This fabric is going to be curtains for our family room.  We are putting in new windows and painting it this year so I thought it needed new curtains.  

    I also bought two wooden chairs and a birdhouse.  I have quite a collection of old wooden chairs.  I bring them home and fix them and stain them if needed and use them in our diningroom when we need extra chairs.   David knows when I see a chair I like it usually comes home with us.  These chairs were so cheap. I bought two! 

   We drove through heavy rains and wind coming home and heard about all the destruction in other parts of our state.  Our prayers go out to all those who were affected by the storms. 

   Yesterday, we met Sara and Jeremy and the boys at Olive Garden and had dinner.  Both my sons called to wish me a happy birthday.  It was a totally relaxing, fun birthday weekend and I look forward to next year.  Considering how quickly this birthday rolled around I will soon be writing another birthday post.  I don't think about growing older, I am trying to grow wiser and more faithful.  Somedays I do better than others.  Wishing all of you many happy birthdays to come.  Bye.

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