Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Tiny Wood and other outdoor things

  It is beautiful in our neck of the woods.  Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and bees are buzzing.  Spring has come extra early in Indiana and plants that don't usually bloom until April are at their peak right now.  When it is this nice out, I am outdoors most of the time working in the yard or garden or just sitting in the swing enjoying the warm weather.

   David put up this swing on the front porch of my shop and it has become our new favorite place to sit and watch the world go by.  My man is so wonderful.  I asked if he could put up a swing on my porch and he went to Rural King and got this one and spent most of an afternoon putting it together and hanging it for me.  I thought it would be an easy job, but what I usually think will be easy turns out to be half a day's work for David.   I appreciate him so much.  We both are enjoying this seating arrangement as we can watch the bird feeders and the traffic going by and see neighbors walking their dogs and see the flowers blooming.

  We have what I like to call the Tiny Wood which is just some trees and bushes that divide the property line between us and our neighbor.  David noticed a while back that it has a natural path running through it so I have been clearing it of brush and branches and am planning to mulch th path and plant some things along it.  This is the beginning of the path.

  Most of the path is full of limbs and branches that make it hard to walk, but this section is almost bare.

   Most of the path looks like this.  There will be alot of raking and hauling of branches which is what I told David was my idea of fun.  I have a vision for this place and it will be a fun little walk for my grandchildren when I get it done.  I plan to make little signs along the way and add potted plants for more color.  I just love to take something like this and make it into something beautiful.  Maybe a gnome will be hiding along the path somewhere.

   See this little area?  It had had a dead bush and lots of Boston ivy growing there.  Many years ago we had a tree that nothing would grow under not even grass so I planted Boston ivy.  It thrived and so I began to put it in other areas of the yard and it continued to thrive and grow and take over everything, so in the last few years I have been ripping it out and burning it so it cannot start anywhere else.  I cleaned out this area by our house this week and have planted a yellow twig dogwood bush.  I plan to add several other bushes and flowers and will mulch it all and hopefully the Boston ivy will not come back.  I'm loving how it looks already and can't wait to add more plants. 

  These are just a few of the daffodils we have in our front yard.  I am not a photographer so the picture does not do them justice, but they are so cheerful it just makes me smile to look at them.  I just ordered 90 pink daffodils that I will plant in my new little garden I am making this fall.

    With all the planting outside I can't neglect my vegetable garden.  I am planning a larger one this year.  I want to can alot of green beans and my daughter, Sara, wants to learn how to can and a friend from church wants to learn so we will be canning this summer, probably in the hottest month of the year as it usually happens.  These are a few of my tomato plants.  Did you know if you put a banana peel in the soil under your tomato plants they will grow better?  I put banana peels in these containers and I have never had tomatoes grow so fast or look so healthy so it must work.

  Mom, what are you doing out there?  You sure spend alot of time raking and digging. 

  I know, Belle, it's that time of year.  Pretty soon I will be doing alot of work in the back yard and you can help me. 

  Yes! Yes! Yes! 
   Go out today and enjoy the weather if it's warm in your neck of the woods.  Happy Spring.  Bye.

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