Thursday, March 29, 2012

I love Spring

   I love Spring and all its beauty.  There is so much going on right now with everything busting out all over and each day bringing something new to discover.

  Spring brings out the kid in us.  Who wouldn't love to sail as high as you could on a swing up in the air so blue?    Some of us are just too big to fit on the  swings any longer!

  Even Belle has Spring fever.  This is her favorite toy right now.  She lays in the grass and holds it in her mouth waiting for Bonnie or me to try to come get it, then off she runs as fast as she can.

  Come on, try and get it.  You know you want it. Come on, come on.  What are you waiting for?

  In Spring David starts dreaming about opening the pool.  I say, just a little longer, but every year it gets opened sooner.  Maybe this weekend.  That does not mean I will be in it until the water is at least 84 degrees which is late June or July.

  Spring means cutting lilacs and bringing them inside to make the whole house smell good.  I can't get enough of these.

  Spring is hanging out the birdhouses and watching the birds raise their families.  Last year there were several bird families raised in one birdhouse throughout the summer.

  You must look quickly to see all the beauty.  It doesn't last nearly long enough and soon it will all be gone for another year. 

  Each plant has its one perfect day.  Quick, don't miss it.   The azalea is especially beautiful this year.  It's loving the warm, sunny weather.

  Spring also means work.  Laying mulch, planting gardens, weeding, raking and more.  We will put down about two hundred bags of this before the summer is over.  This pile is almost gone already.  We mulched the secret path in the Tiny Wood yesterday.

    David says "Happy Spring!"  How could anyone not be happy with the redbuds blooming so riotously?

  As Belle chews her cigar I will bid you adieu.  Bye.

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