Thursday, March 15, 2012

The view from my sewing machine

   When we moved into our present house 34 years ago there were cornfields and woods across the road.  We live in a small addition with older homes, sort of our own little community out here.  Then businesses started to move in across the road.  Truck maintainance businesses began and so we started having big trucks and semis running past our house.  Then the gravel pit went in and more trucks and cement trucks go by.  I hated it at first and the first time new lights were put in across the road I was not a happy camper. 

  Through the years we have learned to live with the trucks and noise and traffic.  I have met several people who work across the road and they have to make a living too, so I have learned to accept it.  We sill have our acreage and flowers and gardens and I sit out on our front porch and wave at the trucks and trains that go by.  Oh, I didn't tell you about the trains?   Let's look at my view and see.

  A few times a day a train goes by on the tracks across from our house.  I have always lived where we could hear trains.  When I was growing up we lived one mile out of town and could hear the train go through town.  Our last house sat on a high hill and a train track ran along the bottom of it, so we heard trains going by there.  There is something mournful, yet exciting at the same time about hearing a train.  There are visions of traveling to far away places.  It must be fun to be an engineer and sit up there in the big train and see all around and know you are in control of all the cars behind you.

  I wonder where all this lumber is going?  Maybe to build someone's new house.  I know I would love to have some to add another addition to our house.  A new laundry room would be nice. 

   There are prettier sights from my window like these beautilicious daffodils that are popping up all over our yard.  I have planted hundreds over the years and they are putting on quite a show now.

  I keep bird feeders filled outside my window so I can watch the birds.  Those little critters eat alot.  I have to fill these about every other day and they hold a gallon bucket of feed.  Our sparrows are rotund little birds and are happy to hang around waiting for the next feeding.

   There were eight cardinals hanging out at the feeder, but every time I tried to get a picture they would fly away.  This beauty really stands out in the bare trees. 

  I painted this little birdhouse and David hung it right outside my shop window so that I can hopefully watch a bird family move in and raise their chilluns'.  Hope the two holes don't confuse them.

  Hey, mom, see this dirty, smelly, half chewed bone?  Wanta pick it up?  Huh, huh, huh?  What you don't like dirty, smelly, half chewed bones?  What do you like?

  I like a tall cup of coffee with cream and a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin.  Yum.

  Can I have some, Mom?  No, Bonnie, dogs can't have coffee or chocolate but I love you anyway.

     I will leave you with a wonderful sign of Spring.  Bye.

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