Friday, July 13, 2012

4-H Dropout

              I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, my health to better living for my club, my community and my country.  The 4-H pledge. I have said that pledge many times in my life. 4-H is a club of young people who meet together and do projects throughout the year to exhibit at the county fair. 

      As a child, I took several 4-H projects, foods, sheep, photography(which I obviously failed at) huck weaving, basketry and others. My 4-H career was short because I hated spending my summer days baking, weaving baskets and having to get projects done in time when I would have much rather been playing on the farm.   I did like my sheep project.  We bought a little lamb from a neighbor and I raised him and showed him at the fair and he won a blue ribbon.  He was really a pet more than a farm animal.  I would bathe him until his fleece was as white as snow and I learned how to groom him and cut his wool.  His name was Danny and he grew into quite a handsome ram.  I can tell you stories about him later.

       The project I hated the most was foods.  I had to bake something almost every day it seemed.  My family ate yellow cake after yellow cake one summer.  I remember standing in the kitchen crying, my mother in an other room away from the drama going on in the kitchen because I didn't know how to do something.  She would yell at me to read the recipe and do what it said.  She knew if she came into the kitchen she would end up mixing the cake for me.  I finally learned to bake a pretty good cake, but I didn't like to at that time.  Now I love to bake.  I was only in 4-H three or four years and that was enough for me.

       I have come full circle and now enjoy working on projects.  I always have something going on whether it's quilting......


     Grandkids.   Okay, they aren't projects, just a fun distraction once in a while from all my projects.  Isn't this a cute face?   But I am wandering from the subject at hand.

    My garden projects.........

     My pet people projects......This is really enthralling you, isn't it, Belle?

      My foods projects..........

        Our home improvement projects.........

          which really become hands on projects sometimes.  This is how I always look after painting.  David says all I have to do is stand by a paint can and I will get paint on myself. 

       David gets caught up in all the projects.  We are really a two people 4-H club.  We just don't have meetings and do the bear hunt.  Haven't ever done the bear hunt?  I will have to teach you sometime.  It was a popular song-game we played at almost every meeting.  Anyway, I tell people David and I got married so young because it was a 4-H project that got out of hand!

         I had a wonderful old 4-H leader named Miss Glunt.  She was also my home ec teacher in school through junior high.  She wore dresses down to her ankles, those old clunky black shoes women use to wear a long time ago and wore her white hair in a prim bun.  She taught me all about sewing machines, how to do fine hand sewing and huck weaving.   She was a patient teacher although one time she said to one of her students rather harshly, "Your stitches are too far apart.  You could stick your big toe through them."  I always think of that when I am hand sewing something. Don't want my big toe to be caught.

        Miss Glunt unknowingly cost me a grand champion ribbon on one of my projects one summer.  I took home improvement and for my project I sewed a dresser scarf and a matching pillow cover that had snap closures.  I had finished the project and showed it to Miss Glunt for approval and she said I needed to add more snaps.  When the pillow was judged at the fair, the judges wrote that I would have won if there hadn't been so many snaps on it!  My mother and I never told Miss Glunt because we thought it would hurt her feelings.  She is gone now so won't be reading this.  I did get a blue ribbon on my project.  I still have that pillow cover to remind me DON'T USE TOO MANY SNAPS!
        Now I am starting a new quilting project.  An embroidered and patchwork quilt.  I went to JoAnn's to pick out the embroidery floss.

       Aren't these colors lucious?  I could eat them and floss my teeth at the same time.

       I know I am going to love making this quilt and am always happy to have something to do with my hands when watching television instead of eating. 

       Here's to 4-H, Miss Glunt and having a project to do. Bye.

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