Thursday, July 5, 2012


    We are in the midst of some of the hottest weather our state has seen in a while.  We have also been without rain for a month and it is beginning to be a major drought.  It is hot and muggy.  The kind of hot where your shirt sticks to your back when you are outside and perspiration runs down your face at the slightest exertion.  It's the kind of hot that it is even too hot to swim in the pool in the middle of the day.  It actually hurts for the sun to hit your skin.  That is why I stay in the house and thank God for air conditioning which we didn't have two years ago.

   My little kitchen garden looks like a desert despite the fact I water it every other day.  Some of the plants are more xeric than others and are thriving.  I'm going to be looking for more xeric plants from now on. 

   Every once in a while a dark cloud will appear in the sky bringing hope of much needed rain.

     But Ol' Sol returns with a vengeance scorching the earth once more.

  It always happens at the hottest part of the year.  Canning.  I worked for hours to end up with these two cans of beans.  I still think they  look beautiful, though, and will be good this winter.  I hope to can more later.

  Also made a few jars of blurry strawberry freezer jam.  Good on ice cream and toast. 

   Bonnie, is that you?  I haven't seen you very much lately.  You are always under the deck and won't come out even when I call you.  You don't like this hot weather either, do you?  We're both looking forward to Fall.

   Hope you all had a wonderful fourth of July.  We are so blessed to live in this country where we are still free.  We must do all we can to keep that freedom because it has been chipped away from us in the last few decades.  I wouldn't want to live anywhere else, except maybe England, but I would still come back to the United States of America.  God bless her and may her flag wave forever. 

    Wish I could share a cupcake with all of you.  They are good and chocolaty and gooey and sweet.  I'll eat one for you right now.

  I'll leave you with a picture of a kid totem pole.  Cool, huh?  Bye.

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