Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ahh Summer

  Finally we are having summer days that are enjoyable.  Gentle breezes, puffy clouds, and heat that doesn't suck every last drop of energy from you.

  I love looking at the clouds in a bright blue sky.  They shape change and lazily float and can mesmerize me for hours if I let them.

  The breeze was out of the north yesterday and this little windmill was spinning merrily.

  Belle came out of her self-imposed exile under the deck and laid under the tall grass in the yard.

  The pool water was clear and cool, but not too cool and for the first time this summer I could get in it in the middle of the day.  Floated and looked at the clouds, listened to the birds and the windchimes tinkling on the cabin porch.  Come and join me.  The water's fine.

  I love to hear windchimes .  I got these from my daughter who put them in a garage sale we were having and I latched onto them.  In the corner there is a fountain we have that looks like a big rock with water coming from the top.  The birds like to drink out of it.

    Remember when people didn't have clothes dryers and you had to hang your clothes outside to dry them?  You younguns don't remember that at all.  I use to hang my animal hide clothes on clotheslines when I was growing up.  Okay, I didn't wear animal hides, but we hung out all our clothes.  Even in the winter!  I remember my mother bringing in bluejeans and stacking them against the wall for them to thaw out.  When I was first married and we lived on a big hill, I had a clothesline and a washer but no dryer because we were poor as church mice.  I hung out all our clothes and with young children I was hanging out clothes all the time.  One time someone we knew told me he never went by our house that he didn't see clothes hanging on the line.  I have had clotheslines where we live now, but right now I don't and I was washing some of the fabric I got on the quilt shop hop I went on a couple of weeks ago and because it was so hot I thought I would like to hang it outside.  I jerrybuilt a little clothesline on my shop porch and began hanging out the fabric.  Because it was so hot, it only took a few minutes for each batch to dry.

  I got a certain satisfaction in hanging out each piece of fabric. Maybe I need a real clothesline.  Hmmmm.  Another project for David.

  Isn't this cute fabric?  I get so much enjoyment out of washing fabric, ironing fabric, cutting fabric and sewing fabric.  I remember, when I was a young girl, shopping for fabric with my mother at the old Penneys store in Richmond and running my fingers over each bolt.  My mother sewed alot of my clothes so I'm sure I got my love of sewing from her.  She always had stashes of fabric around the house.  One time when she was gone for the day, I got in her fabric and made a bathing suit.  I got in big trouble over that as she had had plans for that fabric.  I really liked that bathing suit, though.

    Hope you have found your joy in life and I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather.  Bye.

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